MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 20: North Melbourne Kangaroos AFL coach Brad Scott talks to the media at Arden Street Ground on June 20, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

Roos, Scott fined by AFL over umpire remarks

North Melbourne coach Brad Scott has been fined $30,000 by the AFL for his comments regarding the treatment of Lindsay Thomas by the umpires on Friday night, while the club has also been fined $50,000.

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Scott said in his post-match conference that “the umpires told our players ‘well he’s a ducker, so we don’t pay high free kicks to Lindsay'”.

“They told our guys that. That’s clearly a pre-conceived idea,” he added.

“The comments by Brad Scott, on behalf of the club in his position as senior coach, were extremely serious in regard to the conduct and professionalism of the umpires and how they officiate all players equally across the competition,” AFL general manager of football operations Mark Evans told reporters on Tuesday afternoon.

“It was totally inappropriate for any doubt to be cast over their professionalism in a public environment without having detailed the facts of what had occurred in any player-umpire conversations through the course of the match.”

The Kangaroos coach issued a formal apology for his comments on Monday, retracting his earlier remarks.

“I was given information on the way in to the post-game press conference that I believed to be matter-of-fact, not rumour or innuendo,” Scott said.

“It came from a trusted source and I believed those comments to be matter-of-fact. I was then asked a direct question in the press conference to which I answered openly and honestly. Clearly, 12 hours later, after an investigation by the club, that statement of fact had in fact turned out to be completely incorrect and lacked factual basis.

“The club then issued the immediate apology to those involved and I’m here today to offer my apology.

“I also made another second mistake in airing those comments publicly, when the correct channels would have been to speak to the AFL privately and not air those in the public domain.”


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    • All umpires take in preconceived ideas about certain players.Umpires defiantly said what Scott reported.Threat by AFL to deduct points if no apologies received caused the retraction of comments

    • Every umpire has a microphone on for every game. Therefore every conversation is recorded. No doubt umps have opinions on certain players but obviously that convo never happened

    • Umpire department didn’t go through whole game.Why would a respected coach do what he did without evidence.If people want to believe the cover up by northmelb due to afl black mail tactics go ahead

    • Ok Dave , sounds like you were there when these things were said eh? You were right by the umpires who said what Scott stated!!! So tell us exactly what you heard, who said it, where exactly you were , and then take it to the Herald Sun. We’re all waiting!!

    • Ray Germon where you there was gustspo gill there was mark Evans there never heard of delete and they haven’t released the audio. Have they interviewed the umpires any of the players no!

    • It is clear to everyone umpires have perceived ideas towards lindsy Thomas.I suggest we ok pare the 2 head high frees Sicily received relative to the way lindsy Thomas is umpired

  1. Umpires are the biggest joke. Why stkilda is 5-7 and not 7-5. Clearly there calling this year has been deplorable and noticibly worse than previous years. Yet we are nkt allowed to have a go at them for ruining games.

  2. Ok the umpires aren’t perfect. That’s not what big mouth Brad Scott gone fined for. He accused the Umpires of cheating in that he accused the Umpires of telling Roos ” people” whoever they were , that Thomas was a ducker and they wouldn’t pay free kicks to him. In his disappointment of losing due largely to HIS players poor shooting for goal he decides to go off half baked about what was supposedly said.
    I don’t mind the Roo’s but along with most AFL fans am sick of when they are not winning the Scott brothers are wining!!!

    • Di you watch the game moron ?the afl will do anything to protect them they are not accountable. It’s human nature if someone pisses you off you’re not going to be nice to them are you? Everyone who’s not a Roos supporter hates Lindsay Thomas so do you think the umpires are?have you ever played the game? From your bullshit post I would say you have never picked up a sherrin if you say something to the umpires they don’t like try getting a kick from them it doesn’t happen.
      Have the AFL released the umpires audio no I wonder why??

  3. There will be a gold coin donation box at the game Thursday nite to help the Roos pay the fine , this could break the bank for then , and does another one won’t to help , gotta love this , good one north , haha

  4. The real issue is why has the umpiring been so atrocious and wishywashy this year. The afl needs to address this and stop pretending umpires are beyond critisizum

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