MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 06: Australian boxer Anthony Mundine looks on during a press conference at Gasolina Motorcycle Garage and Restaurant on November 6, 2015 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

Anthony Mundine calls for boycott of national anthem

Anthony Mundine has called for a boycott of the national anthem at the AFL and NRL Grand Finals.

Mundine, a former rugby league player and professional boxer, shared a video by Australian pop culture website Junkee, on his Facebook page which urges people to boycott the anthem at the MCG and ANZ Stadium this weekend in support of the indigenous community.

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The campaign is inspired by San Francisco NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick and several other American football players who have opted to kneel rather than stand during the US national anthem to protest against racial inequality in the United States.

“Been saying this for years!” Mundine wrote on Facebook.

“The anthem was written in late 1700s where blackfullas (sic) were considered fauna (animals) advance Australia fair as in white not fair as in fair go.

“All players aboriginal & non aboriginal should boycott the anthem & start changing Australia’s ignorant mentality…lets move forward together yo.”


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  1. Riding on the coat tails of American flog athletes just to keep in the spotlight. Can’t tell if he is the dumbest man alive for sprouting some of this crap or the smartest one…….

  2. Does this mean he’s giving all his ” white fellas” money that he’s earned and had the Australian National Anthem played before he got it ????
    Really over this crap

  3. If he doesnt like true blooded Australians playing the anthem then fuk off bac out into the bush and give everything he earn in Australia bac to proper Australians the fuk head

    Steven Reed read this shit another aboriginal thats hard done by 🤔🤔

  4. I call for someone to remove his voice box … STFU Mundine … like peter said above … they played it before every rugby game and fight you ever participated in so are you giving all the money earned after it was played back …. D&$& head

  5. Listening to Colin have you choc? Only a matter of time before some dickhead did the cool thing and followed Kaepernick. Shouldn’t be surprised that it’s this peanut. You’re a knob Anthony. I would say you had been hit in the head too often, but you were a dick back in your thugby days as well. Look at me look at me he says. No dipshit. Just crawl under a rock and shut the hell up! Shaun Yido Nick Berardo Peter Mokdissi Tim Peterson Leigh Joynson Nathan Bandy Shaun McCaffrey Brendan McCaffrey Brendan Langley. No time for this spud. National disgrace. Deport him to Tasmania.

  6. God could this guy be more of a fuckwit? All he ever wants to do is divide the entire country. The past 20-30 years he had ample opportunity to “boycott” the national anthem. Why wait until now? Oh because a few footy players in the US have done it so now it’s cool. Just a pathetic copy cat. He won’t be happy until civil war is upon us. Jackson Baeumler Damien Brereton Adam Irwin Steve Massey Tom Stephenson

  7. Wow who cares. Thats all he is known for just making statements when something serious is happening. Why hasnt he spoken out about it sooner? Oh thats right main stream media wasnt plastering all the American rubbish going on before, better jump on the band wagon
    Did it with 9/11 spoke about muslims ect and now this. Anthony “The Ham” Mundine

  8. [email protected] this [email protected] off!!!

    • What sorta comment is that .

      All sit there and pay out on Mundine . He has more talent In his index finger than you all combined.
      And has the balls to stick up for his heritage and beliefs, but mock him, because your all so educated on the topic ….

    • It’s not about talent Matty even tho he’s under the belief that he’s has a lot more than people give him credit for and I don’t think it’s about he’s heritage or beliefs either the guys a flog, he’s real intension was to cause offence and infuriate people with a stupid and unoriginal concept to get he’s ugly mug in the spotlight, unoriginal seems to be he’s strong point too, and he’s definitely not educated about the topic either he claims it was written in the 1700’s wrong it was written in 1878 by a Scottish bloke and adopted as the anthem in 1984 replacing God save the queen under the recommendation by Bob Hawke and he can skull a beer a lot quicker than you or I so as you see he’s comment has no substance

    • Only have to look at the lyrics in the national anthem , and have an understanding about the indigenous life to realise why they would be upset.

      I’m not bloody aboriginal , but it’s uneducated dickheads that pipe up and write stupid shit like above…

      I’ve met Mundine numerous amounts of times and what he does behind the scenes for people is amazing .
      Any Tom dick and Harry can work out that he runs his mouth to put bums on the seats . His that clever . His made squillions doing it .

    • I’m not having an argument with ya mate .
      Spend some time brushing up on history, up on indigenous life, how they were treated, what went on , talk to aboriginal people and hear their stories and family they lost and why and what for …. As I said I’m not aboriginal… But the anthem needs to be addressed and changed if we want to move forward with equality and closing the gap.
      That’s my point here . And telling people to end themselves no matter who they are is fucking disgusting behaviour ..

    • Dude don’t tell me to brush up on my history I know what happened and the mistreatment they endured maybe brush up on your knowledge of the national anthem, it has nothing to do with discrediting the aboriginal people and do you really think Mundine brought this up to move forward and bridge the gap? No fucking way, he wants to put a big wedge in that gap and drive a sledgehammer into it and I don’t think he should end himself but maybe he could do the honourable thing and uppercut himself

  9. Cant wait for Danny Green to punch the living suitcases out of this poor excuse of a human being your a Muppet Mundine. Your been hiding from the green machine for too long after your bout the publicity you seek will be zilch no one will care what dribble you say

  10. Can punch you my self you dick and I’m a women. Just leave the racist shit behind and get on with life !! So sick of people today milking the system for what happen 200 years ago.

  11. Respect had to be earned – not just handed out because of your colour (be it black, white, yellow or brindle). This kind of call to boycott the national anthem only inflames an already tense topic.

  12. Personally I’ve always thought the line of the song, “let all whites rejoice and removeth indigenous children from their own to breed a pure nation” was really outdated and sticks out like a sore thumb when sung at sporting events.

  13. He’s only doing it to get publicity for his fight with Danny Green. He’s made millions being hated and making people pay heaps of money in the hope that they will see him get knocked out. I hate the things he says, but he makes money off all of us. Go Danny Green!!

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