The 2022 AFL Grand Final is upon us, with Geelong and Sydney set to decide this season's premier in what is sure to be a tight contest at the MCG.

Ahead of Saturday's clash, the Zero Hanger team have looked to predict how the game will play out and who will come out on top st the final siren.

We've listed our likely grand final winners, the margin, the first goalkicker, Norm Smith Medal winner and a headline we might read on Sunday morning.

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Here's how the team is predicting the day's events...

Mitch Keating

Winner: Geelong
Margin: 11 points
Norm Smith Medal: Joel Selwood
First Goal: Isaac Heeney
Headline: Star subbed out as Cats clinch thrilling grand final win

Cameron Grimes

Winner: Geelong
Margin: 23 points
Norm Smith Medal: Tyson Stengle
First Goal: Lance Franklin
Headline: Stengle channels Paul Chapman, becomes Grand Final hero with four goals

Nick Splitter

Winner: Sydney
Margin: 7 points
Norm Smith Medal: Isaac Heeney
First Goal: Buddy Franklin
Headline: Bloods culture the MVP as Swans academy heroes salute

Jake Benoiton

Winner: Swans
Margin: 7 points
Norm Smith Medal: Chad Warner
First Goal: Tom Papley
Headline: Youthful exuberance of swans runs veteran cats off their feet

Nick Scialpi

Winner: Sydney
Margin: 9 points
Norm Smith Medal: Chad Warner
First Goal: Tom Papley
Headline: Ryan Clarke the X Factor by tagging Tom Stewart out of the game

Will Jeffares

Winner: Geelong
Margin: 17 points
Norm Smith Medal: Isaac Smith
First Goal: Errol Gulden
Headline: Cats overcome shaky start to GF to run out victors

Michael Georgiou

Winner: Geelong
Margin: 14 points
Norm Smith Medal: Jeremy Cameron
First Goal: Tom Papley
Headline: Swans heartbreak as final quarter lead dissipates under swarm of Cats

Casey McCarthy

Winner: Sydney
Margin: 33 points
Norm Smith Medal: Callum Mills
First Goal: Will Hayward
Headline: Swans kick away in the final quarter to deliver a flag a decade on from their last

Anthony Talliopoulos

Winner: Geelong
Margin: 35 points
Norm Smith Medal: Jeremy Cameron
First Goal: Isaac Heeney
Headline: Geelong kicks clear in the third with five unanswered goals


Winner: Geelong 5, Sydney 4
Norm Smith Medal: Jeremy Cameron 2, Chad Warner 2, Joel Selwood, Tyson Stengle, Callum Mills, Isaac Heeney, Isaac Smith
First Goal: Tom Papley 3, Lance Franklin 2, Isaac Heeney 2, Will Hayward, Errol Gulden