Carlton great Robert Walls believes Jack Watts' on-field attitude could bring about the end of his career within two years should the Port Adelaide recruit fail to "make up his mind" at his new club. 

After being traded to the Power this off season following 10 years of ups and downs with the Demons, Walls outlined his doubts about the former No. 1 draft pick, saying his hardness at the ball will be scrutinised further than ever before. 

“That’s the worry for me, is Jack Watts,” Walls told AFL Tonight.

“Melbourne were happy to get rid of him. Why? Because they just felt that under Simon Goodwin, the senior coach, that he just didn’t go as hard, as strong, as committed as they would have liked. That’s why he got dropped early last year, because they just felt that he wasn’t putting in as expected.

“This’ll be interesting because the expectation on Watts with Port will be really high. They won’t want to see him getting easy ball out wide. They’ll expect him to win his own footy.

“His career could be over in two years. I’ve got a real question mark over Jack Watts and Port Adelaide.

“I’ve heard him say that football’s not everything to him. Well, that’s OK, but if you’re earning a lot of money and that’s your No. 1 job then it’s got to be for that period of time.”