Which mark was better?

Alright… let’s settle this once and for all.

Alex Jesaulenko’s famous mark in the 1970 grand final has been touted by many as the greatest mark of all time.

However, Kane Cornes said on The Sunday Footy Show that Brendon Goddard’s mark in the drawn 2010 Grand Final is better than Jezza’s, which he labelled “overrated”.

Weighing into the argument on his SEN program Bob and Andy, Bob Murphy agreed with Cornes that Goddard took the better mark but did not agree with his assessment of Jesaulenko’s grab.

“Jezza’s would fit comfortably in Jeremy Howe’s collection, I think it would be in the top 50 marks of all time,” Murphy spoke on the program.

“But I do agree with him (Cornes) that Brendon Goddard’s mark in the Grand Final in the 2010 is better.

“The best Grand Final mark of all time … I think it’s Goddard.”

Let’s throw it over to you. Which grand final mark was better – Jesaulenko or Goddard?