After Adelaide forward Shane McAdam officially submitted his trade request to Melbourne, various exchange ideas have been floated regarding the compensation the Crows' list committee will demand from the Demons.

While draft selections form the typical trade recompense, an understanding has developed that the Crows may request a mature-aged player in return for the livewire forward.


Herald Sun journalist Jay Clark reported last week that Adelaide could seek a solidified player in exchange for McAdam, though the Demons are unlikely to be willing to part with a difference-maker, leaving ambiguity around what the eventual deal will consist of.

We've explored three possible trade scenarios that result in McAdam donning Demons colours by the end of October.


1. Demons send fringe midfielder packing

Upon learning of Melbourne's apparent desire to retain contracted defender Adam Tomlinson, out-of-favour midfielder James Harmes presents as an alternative tradeable asset.

Harmes is out of favour at Melbourne, and while he's a contracted Demon, recent reports suggest there's enough external interest in the utility to be expendable this off-season.


While Harmes probably wouldn't serve as much more than a decent depth piece at West Lakes, he does fit the 'mature-aged player' bill the Crows supposedly covet.

Potential deal: Melbourne trades James Harmes to Adelaide in exchange for Shane McAdam



  1. All of these are inadequate.

    The closest to reality (trading the pick received for Grundy) is still shy of the mark…

    Grundy’s a good Ruckman, but the Crows don’t need him…. and he played all of what 2 or 3 games while being available all year?
    McAdam is a first choice player in a forward line loaded with talent …. a marked difference. He will play all season for Melbourne.
    He’s worth an early second round pick – so “22” might be acceptable.

    A real alternative is for Melbourne to give up future picks that Adelaide might use for a couple of father-sons in the “pipeline”. Michalanney’s younger brother for one… (good to have a few, after the vfl all but disqualified father-sons for the Crows ……).

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