Hawthorn ruckman Max Lynch has revealed Hawks players are still required to undergo 'skinfolds' testing, while ex-teammate and Magpies forward Brody Mihocek apparently hasn't been subject to one 'in over ten years'.

Skinfolds testing, also referred to as a 'body composition test', is a blunt measurement that determines the body fat percentage of players by pinching the skin at different areas of the body.

The contentious procedure had long been a staple of the AFL's draft process, as impending draftees' fitness levels would be put to the test at the league's pre-draft combines.

However, the controversial method has since been canned, with the AFL outlawing skinfold testing on draft hopefuls in 2021 due to body shaming concerns.

The testing technique is also used at the club level, most commonly during the pre-season in anticipation of the home and away campaign, as well as throughout the season.

Mihocek and ex-Magpie Lynch were featured on The Footy with Broden Kelly on Tuesday and were quizzed on the debated topic, with Mihocek stating Collingwood no longer forces its players to undergo skinfolds tests, adding he hasn't done one in 'over ten years'.

"Not at the Pies, no," assured Mihocek to Lynch and Kelly.

"I haven't done one in over ten years, I reckon. We did [them] when you (Lynch) were there at Collingwood, but [we haven't done them] for a while."

On the other hand, though, Lynch shared the interesting revelation that the Hawks still subject their players to skinfold tests, noting he is exempt from participating in them due to his current status as a 'long-term' injured player.

"They still do it at the Hawks, [but] I'm on the long-term injury list so I don't do it anymore," Lynch laughed.

"They grab the seven different spots on your body and then they pinch that spot, and then they [measure it] in millimetres I'm pretty sure, and then they add it all up and that's what your skinfolds are."

Lynch, who crossed over from Collingwood after the 2021 season, also discussed his relationship with second-year senior coach Sam Mitchell and noted he's a player that needs 'hugs and kisses' from his coach, as opposed to 'a rocket'.

"Since I've been there, he and I have been really good, he's very big on building a relationship and doing what works for you," Lynch said.

"Some blokes – this is not me – some blokes need a 'rocket', and that's what they need, and that gets them going and they play better after that. I established with Sam earlier (in our relationship) that I'm not like that," laughed Lynch.

"I need 'hugs and kisses' sort of thing, so Sam's very good at putting his arm around me, telling me what he needs from me, obviously, but we've built a good relationship like that.

"So, especially over the past few years where it's been a dog of a year for me, really, he's been really good at supporting me, so I've got nothing but good things to say about Sam.

The 24-year-old has played just one game for Hawthorn this season, having been ruled out for the remainder of the 2023 campaign due to an ongoing concussion issue.

Lynch has played 11 total career games across four AFL seasons.