The NFL team you should support based on your AFL club


In honour of the NFL season's start and the beginning of the AFL finals, we compiled a cross-code comparison linking each AFL side to their closest NFL counterpart.

These comparisons are based on every metric you can think of; recent success, historic success, club status, current projections, future projections, similar-type players, recent list changes, method of play, and even just general vibes.

Some clubs have shockingly fitting comparisons while others need to be slightly reached for.

Nevertheless, here is our list of who every AFL fan should support this NFL season.



Adelaide Crows

Detroit Lions

Both sides are potent offensive machines who love a home game against any opposition.

Adelaide have been climbing the ranks under Matthew Nicks, adding weapons to their roster and worrying top sides. They were just edged out of the finals race this season in controversial fashion, but are primed to respond with a finals berth in 2024.

The Lions have developed similarly under three-year head coach Dan Campbell, also being edged out of the playoffs last season and ready to build on their shock week one upset victory over Kansas City.