MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 18: Saints head coach Alan Richardson speaks to Jarryn Geary during a St Kilda Saints training session at RSEA Park on May 18, 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

St Kilda board members held a day-long meeting on Thursday to discuss the direction of the club after this disappointing start to the season and they are reflecting their team both internally and externally, according to AFL journalist Damian Barrett.

Barrett appeared on The Footy Show on Thursday night to report on the meeting between the administrators at the St Kilda Football Club who announced the gathering to discuss what the remainder of the season holds for the club.

“The directors of the board had a day-long gathering at the Moorabbin headquarters,” Barrett told The Footy Show.

“There has been a lot of soul searching going on at St Kilda in recent times, just the one win out of the eight games to this point of the season … this club is asking questions of itself both externally and internally.”

The President of St Kilda Football Club Peter Summers appeared on The Footy Show to discuss the board meeting and what it means for the club.

“It was a scheduled board meeting, one that has been planned for quite a while,” he said.

When asked if he is disappointed with the Saints’ 1-6-1 record, he explained that it’s “unacceptable,” saying that their record doesn’t reflect their ability.

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Summers was asked if coach Alan Richardson is the man he want’s leading the team in the future, he said that he’s the “right person.”

“Absolutely, as we’ve said last week, we’ve got every confidence that Alan is the right person to take this team forward … it [his future] wasn’t discussed at all.”

“If anything, the presentation from Alan gave us even more confidence that we’ve made the right decision and he’s the right person to lead us forward.”

St Kilda will face-off against Collingwood at Etihad Stadium on Saturday night.