Well, we made it through another week of uncertainty and turmoil at AFL House, with 16 of the 18 clubs now settled in Victoria, thanks to the still-developing COVID-19 situation elsewhere around the country.

We know social media remains undefeated, so let's take a look around the grounds.

Hoisted by their own petard

After their coach's rant about playing at Marvel Stadium only a few weeks ago, Richmond fans turned out in droves last Friday night for their big win over the Saints at their own special ground, where they feel comfortable and happy.

That entire sentence is a lie. But if you really want a laugh, read the comments...

If you're watching AFL, you'll hear...

Noted Australian TikTok influencer - and self-titled 'Pronunciation President' - Tiffany Krylov, has struck again, as she continues to teach new fans the "sophisticated language" of the AFL.

You'll want to wait for the definition of "Colliwobbles."


Learn how to speak the sophisticated language of the AFL 😉 #aussieslang #afl #football #footy #aussie #australia

♬ FEEL THE GROOVE - Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

But, did she really need to explain that "footy" means "football?"


Umpiring: mixing the perfect mojito

Staying on the same vein, one of the unique parts of our great game is the umpires and their decision "signals," particularly the goal umpires. Here, old mate from Chicago has been watching retro games on what must be channel ESPN45 by now.

Honestly, I understand the original reference about as much as this "Brother Harris" dude in the comments understands the rules, but his response was pretty perfect.

AFL's Victatorship

With the majority of the league stationed in Victoria as mentioned earlier, the VFL/AFL memes have been out in full force this week, none better than this Simpsons themed meme from The Age's Daniel Cherny.

More than a game

We hear it all the time - The Footy Show even used it as it's theme song - footy is more than a game. In this case, there's not much to say... just watch.

"You were a great footballer"

Gilbert McAdam WAS a great footballer, but that's not what he wanted to hear in response to Herald Sun journalist, Andrew Bolt, who questioned the history of the Stolen Generation.

We normally keep this segment for some light-hearted banter, but Andrew, seriously, When Gilly offers you the chance, go with him, and listen to his truth.

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