Photo credits (L-R) Geelong Football Club, Twitter user @LukePH10 and Getty.

The preliminary finals have almost arrived and we are less than 48 hours away from knowing who is going to the big dance. Brisbane, Geelong, Collingwood and Sydney are all worthy of playing in the grand final, yet there is only room for two.

With the first bounce less than 12 hours away, players, and social media teams, are gearing up for a busy weekend.

Brisbane and Geelong face up on the field, but their finals short story videos are also competing as both teams continue the 'all in for finals' and 'untameable' campaigns.

The flames between inspiration and creating fire in the belly have been ignited.

Cats fans are also just as passionate, and all fans are awaiting the late time slot of 7:50pm AEST.

Mason Cox's family has made the trip to Sydney for the big game and are beyond excited for the Saturday afternoon match to begin.

Being a parent, they were luckier in getting some flights to Sydney as some Pies fans have made the long drive up.

It cannot be a preview for Finals without some tipping. There are a few saying Geelong to win and a bit of division between the Saturday clash as the Pies always know how to make an unpredictable game.

Preliminary finals will promise a round of greatness as stars will shine and the players true colours will really show.