Dennis Commetti. Sandy Roberts. Bruce McAvaney.

Just a few of the industry's greatest to call the game.

In what seems to be a slight transitionary phase for networks, the current crop of commentators has a number of fans divided. Many footy fans have been reluctant to buy the product Channel 7 and Fox Footy are trying to sell, with a number disgruntled with either their style or even their ability to call the game for what it is.

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The same goes for a number of analysts who are there for their "expert comments". The likes of Wayne Carey, Garry Lyon and Gerard Healy have been seen as outdated in a period where fresh faces have risen like Daisy Pearce, Luke Hodge and Nick Riewoldt.

Within the numerous TV channels and radio stations are a huge number of commentators calling the game. So many of which that if we had the ability to mix and match the best from each, we could create the greatest football commentary team ever assembled.

After a long heated debate this morning, we in the office cannot agree on what the dream commentary team looks like. So the only logical course of action is to open it up to a roundtable discussion in which we ask: Who is your dream commentary team?

The guidelines set are the members have to be currently commentating on the TV or Radio. And just like a basketball starting five, they must be well rounded with the following positions:

2x Commentators

2x Special Comments/Analysts

1x Boundary Rider

Without further ado, here is our dream commentary team:

Cameron Kellaghan-Tasker:

Commentator 1: Anthony Hudson
Commentator 2: Mark Howard
Expert Comments 1: Jason Dunstall
Expert Comments 2: Nick Riewoldt
Boundary Rider: Daisy Pearce

A mixture of entertainment and knowledge is an important balance to strike when calling a game. The buffoons who look to be solely entertaining ruin big moments of the game, but not enough sounds monotone that fails to excite those who want the experience of being at the game from the couch.

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My commentary team blends the two perfectly. Huddo and Howard provide quality calls with a level of animation that accompanies the moment to perfection. Dunstall and Riewoldt provide quality analysis that is easy for any fan to digest, whilst also providing quality banter that is enjoyable to listen to.

And Daisy Pearce has come into her own whilst on the boundary, providing analysis that perfectly sums up the situation from ground level, as well as posing insightful questions to the coaches/players both pre/post game.

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Ed Carmine:

Commentator 1: Jason Bennett
Commentator 2: Anthony Hudson
Expert Comments 1: Jason Dunstall
Expert Comments 2: Justin Leppitsch
Boundary Rider: Daisy Pearce

If I am not at the ground, the ideal group of people I would want calling the action are those that know the game intricately, have come prepared and understand that the game is entertainment enough.

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Too often we are predisposed to egoists that seem to revel in their unpreparedness, and if my five were in the box, this would never be an issue.

Jake Benoiton:

Commentator 1: Anthony Hudson
Commentator 2: James Brayshaw
Expert Comments 1: Jason Dunstall
Expert Comments 2: Nick Riewoldt
Boundary Rider: Daisy Pearce

No one reads a moment as well as Huddo and JB, both are able to entertain as well as give the detail needed. They also let the special commentators do their job and explain the game which Dunstall and Riewoldt do better than anyone.

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Dunstall been doing it for years but Riewoldt has been a revelation since stepping into the box. Pearce is class on the boundary and would be well served calling with people who know when and how to use her knowledge.

Mitch Keating:

Commentator 1: Anthony Hudson
Commentator 2: James Brayshaw
Expert Comments 1: Jason Dunstall
Expert Comments 2: Justin Leppitsch
Boundary Rider: Daisy Pearce

It’s time for AFL broadcasters to look into the next generation of talent. In saying that however, there are a number of callers who have cemented themselves as the best in the business. Hudson and Brayshaw are able to make an 80-point shellacking as exciting as a thriller. Jason Dunstall has held the crown as the game’s most insightful and knowledgeable special comments caller and doesn’t look like moving from the throne.

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The new age of commentators and analysts is just as promising, with Justin Leppitsch having an immediate impact in his new media role. Add in Daisy Pearce’s reading of the game and you’ve just about got the best in the field.

Harris Maglis:

Commentator 1: Brian Taylor
Commentator 2: Nick Riewoldt
Expert Comments 1: Leigh Matthews
Expert Comments 2: Justin Leppitsch
Boundary Rider: Abbey Holmes

Love him or hate him BT is at least entertaining, especially so on radio, so having a combination of his nonsensical ranting juxtaposed by Reiwoldts’ composed analytical touch will make for an interesting leading tandem.

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Expert opinion: Leigh Mathews & Justin Leppitsch
The experience and logic Mathew’s brings is enriching when he raises awareness to the intricacies of the game, which coupled with Leppitsch's blunt and common-sense based assessments actually adds expert input into what the audience is observing.

Boundary: Abbey Holmes
Simple boundary assessments without too much over-speculating makes it easy to take in the snippets of information Holmes dishes throughout the broadcast.

Ben Lawless:

Commentator 1: Anthony Hudson
Commentator 2: Gerard Whateley
Expert Comments 1: Leigh Matthews
Expert Comments 2: Jason Dunstall
Boundary Rider: Daisy Pearce

When calling the game I want my commentary team to be excellent at their craft, knowledgeable and entertaining to listen to and these two have been mainstays of the AFL commentary team for years. Whateley is also more analytical and entertaining when he doesn’t have to be the balance/straight-man for Mark Robinson.
I want my special commentators to be honest and give expert insight into the game. Jason Dunstall and Leigh Matthews speak their mind (mostly for good) and are some of the most knowledgeable people in the game. The two of them also capable of being entertaining when needed.
Pearce is an excellent asset for the channel 7 on the boundary, and not just using the same handful of cliches or overused comments. She provides unique and insightful comments about the play.
So, what do you think of our choices? What does your dream commentary team look like? Let us know in the comments section.