MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 15: David Noble, Senior Coach of the Kangaroos looks on during the 2022 AFL Round 05 match between the North Melbourne Kangaroos and the Western Bulldogs at Marvel Stadium on April 15, 2022 In Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Michael Willson/AFL Photos via Getty Images)

Prominent reporter Caroline Wilson believes North Melbourne coach David Noble has repair work after reports of a "disturbing" and "disenchanted" relationship between the senior coach and his troops.

The suggestions emerge after Noble apologised for a vehement spray towards his players following their 108-point loss to Brisbane in Round 3.

Speaking on Nine's Footy Classified, Wilson said multiple murmurs have placed Noble in a dark light.  

"The stories coming out of the club about the relationship between the coach and the players are disturbing... I'm hearing more and more about players just being disenchanted with the coach... with his temper on occasions," Wilson said.

Wilson went on to point out that there are fractures within the club.

“We hear reports about David getting very, very frustrated during some performances. The coaches are sort of 'we', the players are 'they', some of the language you're hearing about," she added.

She explained that this is never a good sign early on in a tenure, and stated that she heard similar stories about David Teague around the end of 2020. 

“These are the stories I was starting to hear at the end of 2020 with David Teague. It's just a bit of a worry to me. I'm not saying David Noble's gone; he's only a season and a half in. But he's got a lot of work to do to win back some players.”

Noble has won five of his first 32 games at the helm for North.


  1. WRONG…. and to a very large degree it’s a typical “Victorian” comment….. the Tasmanian football public will NOT adopt a “re-branded” team in the “Tassie Kangaroos” as their own. They may eventually but that would only be a generational thing – in twenty or so years – by which time the game may have almost died out there and/or sucked up huge amounts of money.

    The vfl need to treat Tassie for what it is – a “heartland” state – instead of pretending it’s just a couple of Melbourne suburbs.

    Can the vfl carry another loss making venture on top of Gold Coast and West Sydney?

    Tassie wants it’s own team. Tassie has for well over 100 years developed so many of the better players who played in Melbourne…. if a fraction of the money and “concessions” wasted on Gold Coast (for example) was put into a Tassie team it’d have won a couple of premierships by now – and the game would not be in such trouble there.

    A stupid, way overly “vic-centric” view of the game, focused on short term KPI’s, will slowly kill off the game…… just as the same approach killed off the game in Sydney and Brisbane in the 1800’s.
    A good comparison is to look at where the game spread from SA (Perth, Darwin, Broken Hill, all where it “took off”).

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