Out of favour Blue Sam Peterevski-Seton is reportedly keen to extend his Carlton career despite his name being mentioned as trade bait.

Petrevski-Seton has found himself out of the AFL side after struggling for form in 2021 with many fans left frustrated by his removal from the midfield to play at half-back.

The former number 5 draft pick showed incredible promise as a midfielder before a move to half-back saw him lose confidence and form and ultimately his place in David Teague's side.

Sam Edmund is reporting that Petrevski-Seton is keen to prove himself at the Blues and earn his way back into the midfield.

"He's been sent back to the VFL to play as a mid-forward, which Blues fans have been crying out for," Edmund said on SEN Breakfast.

"He loves Carlton and he's not the homesick type, but his camp are assessing his options. It might depend on who coaches the side."

The silky ball users name has been mentioned as a possible bargaining chip in a possible trade for Victorian Adam Cerra with the Fremantle star reportedly leaning towards a return home.

Ross Lyon said on SEN recently that Petrevski-Seton could be one who wants to head home to Perth at the end of the season.

“Who’s a likely one to go home? Sam Petrevski-Seton or Zac Fisher – I’d take Adam Cerra over them, that’s just my personal view," Lyon said.

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“This is no slight on those blokes (Petrevski-Seton and Fisher), but I know him (Cerra) intimately.

“I would take him every day of the week because he’s a bona fide mid, and the other two aren’t.”