The Herald Sun's Jon Ralph has provided dew details surrounding Carlton list boss Stephen Silvagni's expected exit from the club.

It's expected to be confirmed after the November 27-28 drafts that Silvagni will move on from the club.

The former great has been the architect of one of footy's biggest overhauls which saw him have complete power to make  a series of complicated and mostly successful trades that saw the Blues bring in exciting young kids to build sustained success moving forward.

Chief executive Cain Liddle and football boss Brad Lloyd are known to be much more process-driven than past administrations at the club, and have at times clashed with Silvagni.

A series of moves leading up to and including the trade period concerned even the most impartial of observers.

Richmond's Brandon Ellis was garnered all season by the Blues, had a private tour of Ikon Park and believed he would be at the club in 2020 before being told the Blues had lost interest in him.

Richmond's Dan Butler was also in the same boat as Ellis, where Butler's manager Alex McDonald was forced to clarify Butler’s future after Silvagni said the club had no interest and list manager Mick Agresta said it was pursuing him all in the space of one morning.

Ellis is now at Gold Coast and Butler is at St Kilda as a result.

SOS' position at the club has been made even tougher now with sons Jack and Ben on the list, and youngest son Tom set to be draft eligible next year.

Former North Melbourne and Carlton coach Denis Pagan told the Herald Sun mid-year that it was almost impossible to be at a club as an official with a son on the list after sustaining his own issues with son Ryan at the Kangaroos.

Carlton have remained tight-lipped on the Silvagni situation since rumours circled of his departure.