Bombers legend Matthew Lloyd has hit back at Essendon captain Dyson Heppell, saying there still isn't "a physicality amongst those players".

On Channel 9's Sunday Footy Show, Lloyd left a scathing review of his former side after the Bombers failed to stand up for their brand after Sydney midfielder Luke Parker was caught on camera appearing to taunt Essendon midfielder Dylan Shiel.

Lloyd said the Bombers should have stood up against Parker.

"I thought Dylan Shiel was disrespected in a way you never wanted to be treated as a footballer," the Bombers great said. 

Pointing at the next contest on camera, Lloyd said, "I would've plowed straight through Parker here, got him to the ground, and said, 'You will never, ever treat me like that again'."

Speaking on Fox Footy's On The Couch on Monday night, Heppell said he would never encourage his players to react like that, and wanted his club to go about their footy the right way.

"What does (Lloyd) want Dylan to plow through someone and give away a free-kick, give away a 50m penalty and another goal?" Heppel said. 

Heppell explained, "it's not about giving away free-kicks or showing full-blown aggression...playing good quality, tough footy."

Speaking with panelist Nick Riewoldt, Heppell said he was yet to address the footage with teammates.

"I had no idea it was happening in the moment. I hadn't even seen the vision; that's the first time. I have no doubt teammates would go over to support," he said. 

Lloyd and Port Adelaide great Kane Cornes on Channel 9's Footy Classified expressed their opinions on Heppell's definition of "playing good quality, tough footy." 

Lloyd referred to Melbourne, who, across their 16-game winning streak, have played "a ruthless, tough brand of footy", and the Bombers who only laid 30 tackles for the match, and were convincing beaten in contested possessions, were not living up to their "hard and tough" identity which Heppell described. 

"Why not throw your weight around? Why not try something to stimulate the players around you?," he asked. 

"You wouldn't say there's a physicality amongst those players, and that's what I was getting at," Lloyd said.

Cornes was flabbergasted that Heppell had not addressed the vision and contacted Shiel.

"It's a reflection of how the club is being run at the moment," Cornes said.

"Dylan Shiel is the most underfire player in the competition right now...(Heppell) the captain of the footy club... hasn't picked up the phone to ring Dylan Shiel."

The Bombers face Richmond in the much-anticipated return of Dreamtime at the 'G on Saturday night.