It has been a while since our last social talk, and we have some serious catching up to do!

Here's whats been happening this week in the AFL.

Brodie Smith and fan reaction to mark of the year nominations 

On Monday, the AFL named their three contenders for round seven Mark of the Year, including Toby Greene of the GWS Giants, Levi Casboult of the Gold Coast Suns and Will Hayward of the Sydney Swans. Although, the announcement was met with a lot of disappointed fans at the fact that Brodie Smith, who delivered a show-stopping mark last Saturday, was not nominated. Smiths mark was so powerful that when landing, Smith knocked himself out... talk about dedication!

Here is how Smith and some of the AFL community reacted to the nominations.

Tom Papley's prank call 🤣

This morning, Tom Papley's father had the fright of his life when Papley prank called him, in one of the best prank call videos we have seen in a while!

Convincing his father that he had made the decision to retire AFL for a position as a horse racing ambassador, Papley received a priceless reaction.

"You will rue the day you made this decision!"

An emotional embrace 

Last Saturday saw a lot of action, from Brodie Smith's mark to a beautiful embrace between two men that have suffered from testicular cancer. Ben Cunnington of North Melbourne and Sam Docherty of Carlton were caught on camera, prior to the game between their sides, wrapped in a hug.

The history behind the hug shows that both men are either treating or have treated cancer, and demonstrates the support behind the game, teams and rivalry.

The community wrapped its arms around the men, and showed their support.

The verdict is in!

The Saturday game just gone, between North Melbourne and Carlton, had a very memorable moment when Carlton player, Lewis Young, bumped North Melbourne player, Cameron Zurhaar, also referred to as "the raging bull".

The impact saw Zurhaar go down immediately, grasping at his arm in pain.

The Match Review Officer regarded the incident as careless conduct and high impact to the body. Although, the Tribunal panel found the charge could not be withheld after Young gave evidence during a 90-minute hearing.

Mitch Robinson, of the Brisbane Lions, gifted Twitter with his own commentary on the incident, alongside others.

Climate change ruined my goal!

Darcy Vescio, of Carlton, posted a funny tweet yesterday about missing a goal due to climate change and we couldn't agree more.

It seems as though some children have better repertoire that some of the players!

And it seems as though others agreed with the hilarious comment.