Lions veteran Mitch Robinson has found himself in hot water after being reported for a collision with Port Adelaide's Xavier Duursma on Saturday night.

Robinson and Duursma both met at a loose ball in the opening stanza of the match, with the latter having gained possession before requiring medical attention after a bump from the fiery Lion.

Duursma was able to continue playing the match shortly after the incident, however Robinson is sure to come under scrutiny of the Match Review Officer.

Having elected to turn his body and bump in hope of bracing contact, the incident could see the 32-year-old miss at least one game through suspension.

The AFL has continued to clamp down on head-high collisions and may see Robinson's decision to bump as one that needs to be eliminated from the game.

Magpies tall Nathan Kreuger was handed a one-game suspension for a heavy hit on Giant Callan Ward during the AAMI Community Series earlier this month.

Similar to Duursma, Ward was able to play out the match despite the high collision, while Kreuger was charged with Engaging in Rough Conduct, with the incident deemed as Careless Conduct, Medium Impact, High Contact.

Should Robinson face a similar fate, he'll be sidelined for Brisbane's Round 2 clash with Essendon at Marvel Stadium next Saturday.