West Coast defender Will Schofield is free to face the Bulldogs this weekend after successfully challenging his one-match suspension for striking Melbourne's Clayton Oliver at half-time of their match on Saturday night.

Schofield was originally hit with a one-match ban, but after challenging the call and overturning the conduct from intentional to negligible, the 28-year-old will be free to play this weekend.

The MRP had originally classified Schofield's hit as intentional and with low impact to the head in their initial findings on Monday.


During the hearing, Schofield claimed Oliver was blocking his path to the change rooms, and said he tried to push past the midfielder, and only made "very slight" contact with his chin.

Schofield said he was quite surprised Oliver hit the deck after the elbow.

The defender also said he felt relieved following the hearing, although he did suggest he wasn't sure why it had to go that far.

"Yeah (I'm) relieved, certainly, I didn't know how that one was going to go, but obviously I'm really happy and satisfied with the decision," Schofield told reporters after leaving the hearing.

"I was charged with low (impact) but it was deemed negligible.

"I was a little surprised (it needed to go as far as the Tribunal) but like I said I'm really happy with the result.

"All I want to do is play (this) week, and I've given myself the opportunity to, I just need to get picked by Simmo now."