Hawthorn's General Manager of Football Rob McCartney has provided a trade period update, expressing his feelings toward moving down the draft order, the talk around the Hawks wanting Pick 25 for Jacob Koschitzke, and how Mabior Chol might fit in the gold and brown.

Finishing in 16th position, the Hawks, whilst ending the season so low on the ladder, had a lot to be positive about with their younger group. There was also the benefit of being able to walk into the 2024 season with a player of high talent and potential that comes with having Pick 3 in the draft.

However, that selection was pushed down a spot in the queue after North Melbourne gained compensation for Ben McKay.

Speaking on SEN's Whateley, McCartney discussed his frustration with the outcome.

"It's an interesting one. I think there's always a level of frustration, we finished 16th and we want to be better than that first and foremost. But what comes with finishing 16th is pick number three in the draft and usually that is pretty good and that ends up getting shuffled back because of things like this," McCartney stated.

"I think there's a level of frustration but I must admit there's a lot of work to do in a footy club and controlling the controllables and this being not one of them means we gotta move on pretty quick too.

"We've gotta play the cards that have been dealt to us and get the best result from them."

McCartney also revealed that Hawthorn is open to trading for pick one but understands that it's unlikely due to the scenario of other clubs tabling better offers.

He also spoke on the speculation surrounding Hawthorn wanting Pick 25 in return for Koschitzke, declaring that most likely isn't true but will still be negotiated.

"Don't always believe everything you read," he said.

"I think the market determines every player's value and is he (worth) a 25? That's up to Mark McKenzie (Hawthorn list manager) and the Richmond list management team to come to an agreement, But I wouldn't believe everything you read."

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JULY 17: Jacob Koschitzke of the Hawks (L) celebrates a goal during the round 18 AFL match between Melbourne Demons and Hawthorn Hawks at Melbourne Cricket Ground on July 17, 2021 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Daniel Pockett/AFL Photos/via Getty Images)

McCartney also spoke on what Chol's role will be at Hawthorn and what benefit he would have to the club if he was to join the club.

"Our front end isn't at the level to win enough games to even get to finals, let alone win one. So he definitely adds some value to that," McCartney said.

"We think in terms of just the recency of the season, he has kicked 44 goals for the Gold Coast. He's a player that hasn't played a lot of AFL football this year, so we are hoping that our environment might be able to be a spark for him but I think it's an opportunity for him to play with Mitch Lewis.

"We think he has the ability to make Mitch Lewis a better player and by doing that, I think it makes us a better team."

The trade period ends on October 18 at 7:30pm (AEDT).