Geelong forward Brad Close is likely to face MRO punishment for the second time this season, after laying a questionable tackle on Sydney's Aaron Francis during the Cats' draw with the Swans on Friday night at the SCG.

During the first quarter of action, Close appeared to pin Francis' arm as the pair went to the ground, with the Swans defender's head making contact with the turf.

A grading of careless conduct with high contact and medium impact may be the most likely MRO assessment, which would result in a one-game ban.

Close was sanctioned in May for a dangerous tackle he laid on Adelaide's Jordan Dawson, with the goal-kicking Cat likely to meet a similar fate for Friday's incident.

On the night of Close's first suspension of the season, Tribunal chair Jeff Gleeson said:

"We accept players tackle by grabbing an arm. But, if the tackler realises or should realise the tackled player is coming to ground with momentum and does not release the tackled player's arm that he might have used to protect himself, he will likely have breached his duty of care to that player."

It will likely be argued that Close's pinning of Francis' arm is a breach of Close's duty of care to Francis, as Fox Footy reporter Jon Ralph explained post-game on Friday.

"The problem is, though, that he takes him all the way to the ground and Francis hits his head on the ground and he just doesn't release his arm," Ralph said.

"Tribunal chair Jeff Gleeson said Close not releasing Dawson's arm (in the case of Close's first offence) breached his duty of care.

"It's almost the identical type of tackle there. It's why he's a real chance to be suspended.

"He's trying to keep him up but at that critical phase of that tackle, he just doesn't let him go and doesn't brace his fall.

"I just think the trend isn't his friend. More than 20 tackles have been penalised, I think he's in trouble."

Despite Close's tackle, Francis was able to play out the match.

A pair of additional incidents from Friday night, a Hayden McLean tackle on Jack Henry that was adjudicated a dangerous tackle and a Tom Stewart tackle on Nick Blakey resulting in a holding-the-ball decision, may also be assessed as Michael Christian prepares his latest charge sheet.

In Round 17, Geelong hosts North Melbourne, while Sydney does battle with Richmond.