Geelong Cats star Patrick Dangerfield and wife Mardi Dangerfield have been documenting the progress of their dream home build through an Instagram TV (IGTV) series which can be accessed through @dangers_build.

The series gives an insight into Dangerfield's family life and persona off the field.

The property is located in Moggs Creek along Victoria's surf coast, roughly an hour from Kardinia Park. The series captures images of the surrounding landscapes with stunning coastal views.

The pair purchased the original house in May of 2016 for about $2 million and submitted their planning permit to build a $1.2 million home in 2018.

"We spent a good 12 months living in the house and planning on the design that we wanted" Dangerfield said.

"We received some advice to live in it first so you actually understand what you like about it and how you compose your new design."

The original property was built in the 80's for two people, which proved unsuitable for the growing Dangerfield family.

"It was definitely a house for two people, once George came along it was difficult to live in... it wasn't a family home" Mardi Dangerfield said.

The design was a collaborative process that the pair shared with family friends, however when asked who had the "final say" on everything, the two had a laugh and pointed at Paddy.

"It was a collaboration between myself and me," Paddy laughed.

Episode 2 follows the demolition job of the original house.

"A few mixed emotions about the house coming down... it's our first family home" Mardi said.

In the third episode the build begins to take shape with concrete slabs being poured and the strong foundations being put in place.

Episode four shows the development of the roofing, with the property taking further shape.

"Internally you can really start to see the inside the individual framing of each room," Dangerfield added.

"With the framing you can get the picture but it's not until it's enclosed that you go well this starts to feel like a room and this starts to feel like a house."

Episode 5 sees Paddy go onsite for his first day as a labourer.

"What I'm doing is charring the under edges here of the charred cladding that's been cut," he said.

"It's a beautiful finish for a timber. It's hard to conceptualise sometimes because you think that natural finish timber is generally what you always look for but with this, it's hard wearing... and the crisp finish of it is very much architectural."