MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 01: Former AFL coach and VFL player Mark 'Bomber' Thompson leaves Melbourne Magistrates Court after being charged with several drug offences on May 1, 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. Police raided Thompson's home in January allegedly discovering drug paraphernalia in his locked room. (Photo by Darrian Traynor/Getty Images)

Former Essendon star and Geelong premiership coach has heard more details surrounding his case on Tuesday, as evidence from the January raid on his property were told to the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

In a locked room that was attached to “Bomber” Thompson’s bedroom, police allegedly found over 130 grams of ecstasy and a cigarette with Thompson’s DNA on it.

Along with the ecstasy, a set of scales and a shoebox full of empty deal bags were found, as well as MDMA, ice, Xanax and an LSD tab, with Thompson’s NBA found again.

Thompson’s barrister Peter Matthews said he would fight all the charges, suggesting Thompson had no financial incentive to be involved, and the ecstasy wasn’t his.

Thompson did share the property with Thomas Windsor, who has since admitted to drug offences.

The 54-year-old will face a three-day hearing in June 2019, and is facing eight charges, including three of drug trafficking and four of drug possession.

The total amount of ecstasy found is more than 40 times the trafficable quantity of the drug, which is around three grams.