North Melbourne legend David King believes Patrick Dangerfield should be handed a four-week suspension for his bump on Adelaide's Jake Kelly.

The superstar Cat knocked out Kelly in the second quarter of Saturday's clash, leaving him concussed and unable to return to the match.

Match Review Officer Michael Christian sent Dangerfield straight to the tribunal for the incident, grading it as careless conduct with high contact and severe impact.

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Speaking on Fox Footy’s First CrackKing called for the AFL to "get serious" about penalising bumps and come down hard on the 2016 Brownlow medallist.

“I think Dangerfield gets four weeks,” King told First Crack.

“The end result is an accidental head clash, but the mechanics of how we got to at point is what we’ve got to change. Clearly, we haven’t seen that change in behaviour.

“Everyone needs to go on notice. Forget that it’s Patty Dangerfield, it was (Zac) Williams last week – nothing’s changed. It’s the two or three steps prior that you’re coming in to make contact – that’s what we’ve got to stop.

“Patrick’s played brilliant football for a decade, he knows how to do every action in the game. Now that action there for me is exactly what we have to stamp out. That player is defenceless at that particular time, so too (Hunter Clark) in the clash with Williams last week.

“What we have to stop is player behaviour – and the only way you’re going to do it is by being severe. And you know what? You’ve got to give up a few battles to win the war and this might be a line in the sand moment for the AFL to say to one of our great players it’s four weeks.”

Port Adelaide games record holder Kane Cornes has gone the other way, stating he thinks Dangerfield will get suspended but shouldn't.

Cornes said on SEN radio this morning that he believes "there is room for accidents in AFL footy."

“I understand that he will be suspended and I understand why, but I still think there is room for accidents in AFL footy,” Cornes told SEN Breakfast.

“I just think it’s going to be a dangerous area we get to if we rule out complete accidents.

“It’s all well and good for us to go on Seven or Fox or Channel Nine and watch it 15 times in slow motion. This is one of the fastest and most powerful athletes we have in the game running at full speed with an opponent running at him at full speed and he’s tried to protect himself, I think.

“What I’m concerned about is it’s going to lead to the end of the high mark and you might think that’s a long bow to draw, but I watched Dan Houston drive his knee into Curtis Taylor’s head yesterday and he got up and he couldn’t walk and he’s going to miss 12 days.

“No one will say anything about Houston, but I think that’s more dangerous. Where are we going to get to with accidents? Are the AFL going to say leave your knees down when going for a mark?

“These are just the areas we’re going to get to if we’re ruling out accidents from the game. I watched Callan Ward get absolutely cleaned up because of a knee to the head in a marking contest, so I think it’s dangerous areas.”

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Lyon responded to Cornes by saying his comments are "alarmist nonsense", saying Dangerfield's sole intention was to bump.

“That’s alarmist nonsense from you I’m afraid,” he said.

“If Dangerfield was going for the football and the two clashed heads, play on, there will be head knocks in the game. You fly for a mark and your sole intention is the mark, so be it.”

Dangerfield will sit the tribunal on Monday night.