Former St Kilda player Sam Fisher has been jailed for at least three years for drug trafficking.

The 41-year-old was given a maximum prison term of five years and four months after pleading guilty to six drug offences.

Fisher played 228 games for St Kilda between 2004-2016, playing a crucial role in the Saints 2009 campaign where they made the Grand Final and was a part of the 2008 All-Australian Team.

Sam Fisher (L) and Josh Bruce celebrate the win with fans during the round three AFL match between the St Kilda Saints and the Collingwood Magpies at Melbourne Cricket Ground on April 9, 2016, in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

The ex-defender was charged with trafficking a range of different commercial quantities of methamphetamine, cocaine and 1,4-Butanediol, and three counts of drug possession.

Fisher was first arrested in May 2022 by police after attempting to traffick over 1kg of drugs from Melbourne to Western Australia.

The former Saint spent 48 days in jail after being arrested and then was bailed to a rehabilitation centre for 105 days.

Judge Gerard Mullaly said Fisher's drug use had gotten out of control since he had retired from football and navigating life after being a professional athlete.

"You acknowledge now you were fiercely addicted and consuming multiple drugs in an uncontrollable fashion," Judge Mullaly said.

"You began to move in circles with others involving drugs.

"Your chaotic lifestyle came to an abrupt end when you were arrested."

After retirement, Fisher tried to stay within the footy world by playing at amateur level and attempted coaching but suffered serious injuries which shifted him away from the game.

Fisher worked on marketing and property development, though COVID-19 hit and he experienced significant financial hardship.

The 41-year-old started to spiral out of control with his drug use.

Former St Kilda Captain Nick Riewoldt has previously spoken out saying there is a need for the AFL and player association to help players more when they end their career, also mentioning Fisher had acknowledged some issues during playing days.

Also, sports journalist Mark Robinson said Fisher tried to seek help back in 2012 according to NewsCorp.

On Thursday morning the judge did acknowledge since Fisher's arrest he has taken the appropriate steps in seeking rehabilitation and now mentoring other men.

Judge Mullary said "power reasons" to give Fisher a below-standard sentence due to his reform and remorse.

"You are a long way from the daily drug taker of 2022," Judge Mullaly said.

The former defender will spend at least three years behind bars before he is eligible for parole.