While much has been made of which players will be heading where this off-season, the biggest deal of them all could be West Coast parting with Pick 1.

The Eagles are said to be prepared and pleased to open November's draft count but could be willing to offer their spot at the front of the queue to another club if an exceptionally satisfying deal is sent their way.

Four clubs hold multiple first-round picks at this year's draft, while free agency compensation and an assistance package from the AFL are also expected to extend the number of selections made during the opening night of the National Draft next month.

All 17 rivals would love to gain access to Pick 1, but only several sides are likely to have enough draft capital to potentially broker a deal with the Eagles this off-season.

And with Tongala junior Harley Reid viewed as the standout selection in this year's class, offers are likely to be floated West Coast's way.

In this exercise, we look at five clubs that could conjure offers for Pick 1 that might satisfy the Eagles.


1. North Melbourne

Offer: Pick 2 and 2024 first-round selections via AFL assistance package

There's a multitude of combinations the Kangaroos could put forward to the Eagles given their riches of early picks for this year and next.

North Melbourne currently holds Picks 2, 14 and 19 for this year's draft as well as their own 2024 first-round selection and two picks from their AFL assistance package that are set to fall at the end of the opening round next year.

Those later pickers for 2024 could be reviewed or rescinded by the AFL in the case that North Melbourne isn't seen to be in need of them by the league in 12 months' time, however, the Roos are able to trade them this year and avoid the outcome of losing the picks, or at least seeing them pushed back in the order following a promising 2024 season.

That leaves the club with next to no choice but to place them on the trade table this year if they are looking to either bring in experienced talent or strengthen their draft hand.

On top of their draft riches is the looming likelihood that the loss of key defender Ben McKay through free agency could see North Melbourne acquire Pick 3 as compensation.

Between that selection and Pick 2, West Coast is likely to ask for the latter in negotiations. If the Eagles are giving up access to the top player in this year's draft class then they'll be keen on recruiting the next best.

That prospect could be Western Australian defender Dan Curtin, who would be a suitable selection for the Eagles given his strengths as a versatile key position talent. The Roos would then re-enter the count at Pick 3 with Tasmanian pair Colby McKercher and Riley Sanders likely in their sights.

So the deal would see the Roos have access to Harley Reid and still hold Picks 3, 14 and 19 for this year's draft on top of their own 2024 first-round selection, while the Eagles secure Pick 2 and pocket two late first-round picks for next year's draft.

If West Coast is asking for more, then North Melbourne could swap one of their late 2024 first-round picks for Pick 14 to sweeten the deal.