The past three AFL Mid-Season Drafts have seen an average of six VFL players earn list spots at the higher level after putting forward promising first halves to their respective campaigns to earn a selection.

The likes of Jai Newcombe, Sam Durham, Massimo D'Ambrosio and Jordan Boyd are among the crop of VFL talent to earn mid-year promotions, with potentially half a dozen more to be recruited at the 2024 intake on May 29.

Whether they're mature-aged prospects, straight out of the Talent League or recently plucked from the local level, the VFL has continued to develop talent worthy of the top level.

Here we've listed five of the form players in VFL this year who could earn some interest from AFL clubs for the Mid-Season Draft.


1. Jean-Luc Velissaris (Northern Bullants)

The oldest player on this list, Velissaris is one of the leading mature-aged midfielders outside of the AFL.

The 25-year-old has been a sensation in the middle of the field for the Northern Bullants over the past two seasons, with his 2023 campaign capped off with a Team of the Year selection despite featuring in a two-win side.

Velissaris' dominant ball-winning form went to new heights last year and his 2024 has only strengthened his case for a potential call-up to the AFL, currently leading the VFL for disposals at an average of 33.1 per game.

The attacking midfielder can also influence the front half of the field, recording 31 or more disposals and a goal in four of his past five games thanks to his explosiveness and nous around the contest.

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These attributes saw Werribee's Shaun Mannagh earn an AFL list spot last year and could do the same for Velissaris this month.

Teammate Patrick Fairlie is another Bullant who could earn the attention of AFL clubs for the Mid-Season Draft also, often pairing with Velissaris to give the standalone side some fight.