Delisted Docker Connor Blakely has thrown out a call to a potential suitor hoping to land at the Sunshine State on a rookie contract for season 2023 after he was shown the door at Fremantle.

The 26-year-old has weighed up a move out of Perth after publicly expressing his interest in joining the Gold Coast Suns, deeming them a suitable fit for his services as a midfielder, sharing the engine room with a host of talent.

His time at the Cockburn facilities spanned seven seasons, but Blakely still remains confident in his own ability to compete at the top level despite not managing to add to his 78 games in the purple and white this year.

“The talks are all progressing pretty well and without saying it's all guaranteed and locked in place - it's never guaranteed until they call your name out - it's tracking pretty nicely,” Blakely told The West Australian.

“It looks like it's more likely than unlikely. Fingers crossed it all pulls through.

“Him (Blakely's manager Robbie D'orazio) and Paul Connors are working pretty hard to get me another spot somewhere because I know my best is good enough to play at the top level. Hopefully, that means another opportunity somewhere else.”

Nowhere, it seems, is off the cards for the bearded mid.

“I'll be happy to go anywhere. I'll go to Tasmania if they were to start a new team,” Blakely said.

“I was pretty keen to move elsewhere anyway, even if it didn't mean at an AFL club.

“I can play half-back and on the wing ... it will be a case of going there and working hard and training hard.

“If it does happen, I will find a spot wherever it is.“They look like they've got a good list that's building nicely. They've got some guys that are playing good footy in Noah Anderson, Touk Miller and Matt Rowell.”

A deal looks imminent with Blakely wishful in his thinking of joining the Queensland-based side working at the feet and learning beneath head coach Stuart Dew, alongside Captain Touk Miller.