Port Adelaide great Kane Cornes says it’s time for the Adelaide Crows to admit to their cultural problems.

Cornes likened their issues to a parent not taking ownership to their kid getting in trouble at school and blaming it on other kids.

His comments came in the wake of Andrew McLeod admitting he does not feel welcome back at the club. McLeod’s comments were met with resistance from Crows board members Mark Ricciuto and Rod Jameson.

Speaking on SEN SA Breakfast, Cornes said it’s time the club stop pointing figures and blaming others for their problems.

“I’m strong on this that at some point when you’ve got kids… when they continually get into trouble, when they go to school and get in a fight, your kid comes home and the teacher has a chat to you and says they’ve been in a fight,” Cornes told SEN SA Breakfast.

“Your immediate response is to blame the other kid or it must’ve been the other kid’s fault.

“That’s the first time, that’s your initial reaction. It happens again and you go it’s probably the other kid again, you know, what are these kids doing?

“When it happens seven or eight times and they keep getting into a fight, at some point it’s not the other kids, it’s your kid’s fault.

“And that’s the point Adelaide are at right now. Stop blaming everyone else for the issues and the cultural problems at the Adelaide Football Club.”

“This isn’t Andrew McLeod’s fault. Yes, he may have a part to play in it and maybe he hasn’t embraced it fully, but he’s done some work there and has been back to the footy club, it’s not like he hasn’t been back there like Chris McDermott.

“At some point the Adelaide Football Club need to be the parent of this kids who keep getting into a fight at school and say maybe it is our problem.

“Maybe it’s my kid that is the problem because since 2017, the issues there, the players they’ve lost, the camp, the DUI, the Barossa Valley break, their communications with the media and their supporters have been ordinary.

“So put your hand up and admit ‘for once, it is our fault’.”