AFL coaches Alastair Clarkson and Chris Fagan are expected to return to their coaching duties on time as the terms of reference of the AFL's inquiry nears an agreement.

Clarkson's tenure with North Melbourne was scheduled to begin from November 1, with that start date initially facing some doubt in the wake of the recent allegations made against the former Hawthorn coach and other key figures of the Waverley club.

Fagan and former development manager Jason Burt were also named in the harrowing allegations, with the duo stepping aside from their respective duties to aid the AFL's investigation.

According to The Age, the terms of reference could be finalised as early as this week, allowing both Clarkson and Fagan to begin their respective duties at North Melbourne and Brisbane on time.

The clubs and coaches involved will better understand their required roles as part of the investigation once the terms of reference are confirmed, with the Kangaroos and Lions potentially seeing Clarkson and Fagan able to continue their duties as senior coaches while cooperating with the four-person independent panel leading the investigation.

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Findings from the panel's report are expected to be made public in December.

Players are set to return to their respective clubs in the same month for pre-season training.

Fagan, who was not stood down by Brisbane, was seen alongside his club's list management team at Marvel Stadium last week as part of the trade period deadline day.

Clarkson is currently overseas along with Collingwood assistant Brendon Bolton for a "professional development trip", meeting with Celtic coach Ange Postecoglou in Scotland.

“I'll be going to do a professional development trip overseas and just relying on the AFL to let us know what's going on with the investigation,” Clarkson told 7 News last week.

“We've said all along, Fages, Jason, myself, ready to defend ourselves at the earliest opportunity.”