MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 20: Alex Fasolo of the Blues looks on during a Carlton Blues AFL training session at Ikon Park on December 20, 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

Brendon Bolton says Alex Fasolo’s decision to apologize to the families of Carlton officials after his embarrassing Australia Day incident shows his growing maturity as a person.

While Bolton doesn’t condone Fasolo’s actions, he backed his response after breaking his arm in a play wrestle with a mate.

“The incident itself, he has gone out and had a drink. He has the trip, fall and accident,” Bolton told the media on the Sunshine Coast. 

“It’s not ideal and Faz was highly embarrassed. The one thing he did do which says a lot about Faz is he made contact with the people who dealt with that issue and their families.

“So what it told me about Faz is he was very remorseful but more importantly he thought about others. we are here to consider others more than self.

“He’s a bit like ‘Daisy’ (Dale Thomas), he has got really quick humor and we don’t want to squash that personality. He makes me smile a bit.”