Former Geelong star and popular media personality Billy Brownless has questioned if women should play AFL.

Brownless is a contestant on this season of Channel 10's I'm A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! alongside retired Blue Dale Thomas.

Responding to Love Island's Erin Barnett question on the topic of women's footy, Brownless flagged his concerns.

“I still don’t know if girls should play footy, I’m not sure," he said on the reality program.

"I don’t know if they’re built to play footy. Not being sexist or anything.”

Brownless continued: “The other things with girls, they get hurt and they haven’t been taught how to protect themselves properly. They run in and, bang, do a collarbone,” he said, miming a collision."

The 1991 All Australian believes women will adapt to the game better as generations go by.

“They will learn all that, because now we are seeing girls who actually grew up with football like we did and bounce a footy.

“You go to games at halftime and there are girls kicking a footy at halftime. You never used to see that,” he said in disbelief, adding: “I can’t believe how passionate the girls are and they just want to learn.”