GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 18: The top ten player picks for the AFL draft pose during the AFL draft at the Gold Coast Conference and Exhibition Centre on November 18, 2010 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

Former Geelong champion Jimmy Bartel and Draft expert Cal Twomey have re-drafted the 2010 AFL National Draft, selecting the top 10 players they would pick if the draft was held today.

Back in 2010, David Swallow was selected with pick 1 by the Gold Coast, as the Suns had the three top picks in the draft.

The Suns went on to select Harley Bennell and Sam Day with their remaining top three picks, while West Coast chose Andrew Gaff at 4, and the Lions called out Jared Polec’s name at 5.

Bartel struggled with naming No. 10 in the draft, and said he could have selected any of Josh Caddy, Paul Puopolo, Jared Polec, Jason Johannisen or Brodie Smith.

Twomey went with Dion Prestia at 10.

Jimmy Bartel’s 2010 National Draft re-draft:

  1. Jeremy McGovern
  2. Luke Parker
  3. Tom Lynch (Richmond)
  4. Isaac Smith
  5. Andrew Gaff
  6. Dyson Heppell
  7. Jack Darling
  8. Tom McDonald
  9. Jeremy Howe
  10. (Any of Caddy, Puopolo, Polec, Johannisen, Smith)

Cal Twomey’s 2010 National Draft re-draft:

  1. Jeremy McGovern
  2. Andrew Gaff
  3. Luke Parker
  4. Isaac Smith
  5. Tom Lynch (Richmond)
  6. Dyson Heppell
  7. Josh Caddy
  8. Jeremy Howe
  9. Jack Darling
  10. Dion Prestia

Gaff, Heppell, Caddy, Polec and Prestia remained inside the top 10 of either Bartel or Twomey’s re-drafts, eight years on from being selected in the top 10 of the National Draft.