The AFL Tribunal will sit on Tuesday evening to hear a total of two cases following the events of Round 23 of the home and away season.

The opening case will see Sydney Swans player Tom McCartin challenge his two-game ban for rough conduct, which was handed down by the AFL's Match Review Officer with the grading of careless conduct, high impact and high contact.

The suspension would see McCartin unable to play this weekend against Melbourne and in Sydney's first final, with details of that match yet to be decided.

The incident in question took place during Saturday night's win over Adelaide, with McCartin collecting Crows forward Shane McAdam during the fourth quarter.

The second case will see Western Bulldogs veteran Taylor Duryea fight his one-game ban for rough conduct following an incident on West Coast's Jamie Cripps on Sunday.

The incident was graded as careless conduct, medium impact and high contact, and if upheld will see Duryea suspended for his side's Round 24 encounter with Geelong.

Bulldogs veteran's suspension upheld

Taylor Duryea has seen his one-game suspension for rough conduct upheld. He will not be available for selection to face Geelong in Round 24. 

Here's how the case played out:

The Bulldogs have pled not guilty to the charge of rough conduct, with the club's argument to focus on whether the conduct is categorised as a bump, and if found to be a bump, whether Duryea was contesting the ball in a reasonable manner.

If the grading of careless conduct is upheld, the Bulldogs will then argue the level of impact should be graded as 'low' instead of 'medium'.

Duryea said it would not be favourable to not enter the contest for the ball against Cripps, with the Dogs defender adding he felt as though the level of contact wasn't significant and he was surprised Cripps was floored.

The AFL rebutted that Duryea did not contest the ball and breached his duty of care to his fellow player.

Western Bulldogs: Sam Norton
AFL: Andrew Woods
Jury: Jeff Gleeson, Shane Wakelin, Jason Johnson

Swans, McCartin successful in fight against two-game suspension

Sydney's Tom McCartin has seen his two-game suspension for rough conduct removed, with the Swans backman available to face Melbourne at the SCG on Sunday.

The AFL Tribunal found McCartin had not made a bumping action on Shane McAdam, clearing the grading of careless conduct and therefore the Swan's suspension.

McCartin will also be available for his side's opening final following Round 24 as a result of the Tribunal's verdict.

Here's how the case played out:

Sydney have pleaded not guilty to the charge of rough conduct, with the club's stance to dispute the grading of careless conduct. Sydney has no issue with high contact and high impact gradings.

The Swans are arguing McCartin's actions were "not a bump". If found to be a bump, then they will argue McCartin was reasonably contesting the ball.

McCartin: "The ball was coming in my direction, I pressed up thinking I could get the ground ball.

"I was looking at the footy, it bounced to my left and I reacted to that."

Asked if he initiated contact to bump McAdam or took his eyes off the ball, McCatin said "no".

"It's my job to press forward If I think I can have an impact. I change direction and was in front of McAdam at the time. As the ball moved I reacted to that."

Woods (AFL): Y"ou are seeing a tucking of the right arm before (McCartin) made contact with McAdam's head, it is an action of bumping.

"The player should have known it was reasonably foreseeable he would make forceful contact with McAdam's head.

"He could have reduced the level of impact by not turning or changing his direction. He essentially runs into McAdam and makes that forceful contact, with McAdam in a vulnerable position.

"There's a breach of dury of care in my submission."

Miller (Swans): "This was not a bump. That is our submission.

"(McCartin) is the one that has reacted first, his eyes are directly on the ball.

"Mr McCartin is actually the one heading towards the ball, while it is Mr McAdam that also makes contact.

"The vision shows there's no brace, no bodily action that insists Mr McCartin looks to bump. His hands are out in the direction of the ball, they're not out to brace (for contact)."

SydneyDuncan Miller
AFL: Andrew Woods
Jury: Jeff Gleeson, Shane Wakelin, Jason Johnson


  1. So McCartin gets off……

    Well that fits in nicely with the umpiring for the first 3 quarters and the bullshit “no goal” crap in the last.

    So shirtfront to an opponent’s head must be a “human error” as well….

    Of course – if any Crows player hit a Daicos under the same circumstances – he’d be missing for a month.

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