An ugly collision between Carlton's Lachie Fogarty and Fremantle's Nat Fyfe could see the Blues forward face a nervous wait ahead of the AFL Match Review Officer's findings from Saturday's game at Adelaide Oval.

A marking contest on the wing saw Fyfe move back with the flight of the ball as Fogarty approached the contest from the opposite direction with an outstretched fist.

Fogarty's attempt to spoil the ball led to a nasty collision between the pair, with Fogarty's arm making seemingly high contact with Fyfe. Fogarty was late to the contest as Fyfe took possession, with the Blue's actions seeing the officiating umpire pay a 50-metre penalty.

"I thought it was a great contest between two guys keeping their eyes on the footy," Blues coach Michael Voss said of the incident post-game.

"That's what the pure thing about AFL is. Fyfe went back with flight of the ball and Fog came across and tried to spoil it with eyes on the ball the whole way."

The incident is likely to be in the sights of the MRO, who would need to charge Fogarty with rough conduct for the Carlton forward to be hit with either a fine or suspension.

It would need to be seen that Fogarty either contested the ball and that his attempt was reasonable, or that any high contact on Fyfe was caused by circumstances outside of Fogarty's control for the Carlton player to be in the clear.

With the incident occurring in a contest, the MRO can be expected to grade Fogarty's conduct as 'careless' - assuming a reportable offence is handed down.

A contact grading of 'high' could be expected, meaning the level of impact will likely decide whether Fogarty is suspended or fined.

A 'low' impact grading would result in a fine, while a 'medium' grading or higher would lead to a suspension.

Fyfe was able to immediately play on after the incident, taking his kick after being awarded with the mark and subsequent 50-metre advantage.

The MRO will hand down any charges from Saturday's Round 4 action on Sunday evening.