For the umpteenth time this season, a focus will be drawn toward the AFL Match Review Officer's findings with as many as four players potentially gaining charges from Friday night's clash between St Kilda and Brisbane.

St Kilda pair Max King and Liam Stocker were both placed on report during the match for separate incidents, with Stocker potentially becoming the latest player to be hit with a dangerous tackle charge for his contest with Brisbane's Eric Hipwood during the second term.

The tackle sees Stocker pin Hipwood's left arm as the pair spin off balance, with the matter likely to surround whether Hipwood's head made contact with the ground.

Further vision of the incident is likely to work in favour of Stocker, with it appearing as though Hipwood's shoulder takes the brunt of the contact to the turf, while the Brisbane forward was also able to play out the match.

If it is deemed that Hipwood's head did not hit the ground, it is unlikely Stocker will be handed down a charge by the MRO, while a suspension could ensue if the MRO believes Hipwood was placed in a vulnerable position due to Stocker's actions.

King was reported in the same quarter for striking Brisbane defender Ryan Lester during a marking contest.

Lester was first to the ball before King's outstretched hand looked to have made contact with Lester's neck, however, replays of the incident struggled to show a clear blow of contact from King.

While King was reported for the incident, the MRO might be unlikely to hand down a striking charge to the Saints forward. If the level of impact was to be viewed as a reportable offence, however, King could be fined due to a grading of careless conduct, high contact and low impact.

Elsewhere, St Kilda captain Jack Steele could find himself in hot water for a dangerous tackle that occurred in the dying stages of the game. Steele's tackle on Lion Charlie Cameron placed the latter in a vulnerable position before the back of his head crashed into the ground.

Lastly, Brisbane forward Joe Daniher might be on the end of a 'kneeing' charge following a ruck contest against St Kilda's Mitch Owens in the third term. A ball-up between the pair ended in a free kick against Daniher for rough conduct, with his knee raised and planted into Owens.

That category of charge has been handed down on several occasions this year, with Geelong coach criticising Hawthorn tall Lloyd Meek's actions earlier this year.

If any charge is handed down to Daniher, it will likely be as a financial sanction.

The MRO's findings are set to be released on Saturday evening.