Geelong's Tom Atkins has been charged with tripping by the AFL's Match Review Officer for an incident involving Port Adelaide's Jason Horne-Francis during Friday night's loss to the Power.

The fourth-quarter incident occurred in Port Adelaide's attacking 50, with Horne-Francis taking possession before Atkins approached with a tackle attempt.

Atkins' outstretched right leg made heavy contact with Horne-Francis and floored the young Port Adelaide midfielder. Horne-Francis was slow to get to his feet and gained the attention of the club medical staff shortly after.

The action has garnered the scrutiny of the MRO, who has cited Atkins with a charge of tripping. The MRO has graded the incident as intentional conduct, low impact and body contact.

Being the second offence of tripping against Atkins in his rolling record, the Geelong onballer can accept an increased $3750 fine with an early plea.

Should Atkins challenge the charge via written submission, he would risk a $6250 fine if unsuccessful.

No other player was cited from Friday night's action.