The AFL Integrity Unit is investigating a shared file that contains nude images of past and present players.

The league is currently working with the Police and the eSafety Commissioner after the file was shared publicly, with multiple reports suggesting as many as 45 players in total have become victims after the circulated file was distributed without consent.

The AFL released a statement on Wednesday night revealing the league had been alerted to a file containing images of past and present players that are of a graphic nature.

"The AFL has been made aware of private and personal images of past and present AFL players being distributed and shared illegally and without consent after being contacted by a number of AFL clubs," the league statement read.

"The images have been circulated by an anonymous person/s and it is alleged the files feature private and personal images of past and present AFL players however it is important to note that many of the images are yet to be verified for identification.

"The AFL integrity Unit (AFLIU) is currently investigating the matter and has alerted relevant authorities, including Police in various states and the eSafety Commissioner.

"There appears to have been significant work involved in gathering the images and creating files for distribution. The AFL has no information regarding why the personal images have been circulated illegally and without consent or what the motive is in doing so.

"While the AFL understands there may be great interest in this update, it wishes to reinforce the images have been shared illegally and without consent.

"The AFL asks everyone to please respect the rights and privacy of those past and present players who have had personal images illegally shared without their consent or approval.

"AFLIU has contacted the eSafety Commissioner and is working closely with eSafety to have the images removed as soon as possible. The AFL has also made the relevant law enforcement agencies aware of the situation.

"The AFL has offered welfare support for players who may be involved and will continue to work closely with their clubs.  The AFL will provide an update at an appropriate time."