MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JULY 5: Michael Hibberd of the Bombers in action during the 2015 AFL round 14 match between the Essendon Bombers and the St Kilda Saints at Etihad Stadium, Melbourne, Australia on July 5, 2015. (Photo by Justine Walker/AFL Media/Getty Images)

Worsfold wants early second round pick for Hibberd

Essendon coach John Worsfold says an early second round draft pick is a fair trade for defender Michael Hibberd.

Hibberd has requested a trade from the Dons, the first of Essendon’s 12 current banned players to do so.

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He is tipped to join the Demons next season, who have reportedly offered the 26-year-old a four-year deal.

Melbourne’s earliest draft pick as it stands at the moment, is pick No.27. However, Worsfold says the Bombers will seek an earlier pick in exchange for Hibberd.

“What we think is fair may be different to what other clubs think is fair, but I would guess a pick in the early second round would be fair for us,” Worsfold said.

“(A) first round pick would be very fair. There’s levels of fairness.”

So far eight players have committed to the club for next season, with Essendon still waiting on a decision from Jobe Watson, Ben Howlett and Tayte Pears.

“They’ve all got their individual circumstances,” Worsfold said.

“We’re not putting any extra pressure on any of them but there will be a time when we’ll say we need an answer.

“If that gets within a fortnight, we’ll be telling them you’ve got a fortnight to give us your final answer. But we’re still a bit off that.”


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    • You dont believe he has a case? Mate we have seen it year in year out contracted players walking out look at mccarthy from gws he has pretty muched walk players get there i own way nearly always one way or another and 100% disagree but this is a special case and unfortunately the dons wont have a leg to stand on..

  1. First they fuck over their players by drugging them without their knowledge and now they won’t let them go to a club they want….. Just shows you what kind of a low life club the scum are

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