ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 06: Brisbane players leave the field lead by captain Tom Rockliff after the round 20 AFL match between the Adelaide Crows and the Brisbane Lions at Adelaide Oval on August 6, 2016 in Adelaide, Australia. (Photo by Morne de Klerk/Getty Images)

Watson: Matthews should coach Lions

Former Essendon champion Tim Watson says four-time premiership coach Leigh Matthews should return as coach of the Brisbane Lions.

Speaking on SEN Radio on Monday morning, Watson said Matthew could help fix the current problems at the club, not dissimilar to the work Paul Roos has done at Melbourne.

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“I think that Leigh would be someone that would be perfectly capable to orchestrate something like that,” Watson said.

“This club needs to be fixed on a number of levels.

“This is not just about a quick fix for a coach … they need extra players, I think they’ll get (a priority pick).

“I would favour putting Leigh Matthews, if he was prepared to do the job, back in as coach of the Brisbane Lions and make him more of a manager/coach type person and then allow him then to hand pick his own team of assistant coaches.

“If he had the passion to do it, if he was excited at all about it, I don’t think he would coach the team in a traditional sense but I think he’s somebody who is prepared to allow himself to be a manager of a football club.”

Matthew coached 237 games for the Lions, winning three premierships from 2001-03.


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  1. reckon they need a premiership coach an experienced anchor who won’t put up with any garbage who isn’t afraid to make the tough calls I reckon bomber or Sanderson or sheedy or mark williams or possibly Leigh Matthews there list needs a huge turnover u need to get the entire club United n stop the petty crap off field n get the club in a much more stable financial state they need blokes like I mentioned n blokes like a frank Costa or Brian Cook an experienced businessman n accountant otherwise if they don’t get this right now the club I don’t think will exist in 5 years time. The playing list coach must choose an experienced captain someone the playing list respects n will fall into line behind.once u get all this stuff sorted u watch how quickly things turn around.

  2. He’s a wanker,
    Leigh’s already doing a lot of work behind the scenes, “return to the club” he’s already there, just goes to show how much the Melbourne media knows about what’s going on at Brisbane

  3. Yeah exactly what that club needs. Another former great of the same club because it’s worked well with voss and Leppitsch.

    Bring in some fresh blood to rip shreds off of those muppets and kick them into shape. They are embarrassing for the whole Como.

  4. Stick to reading the news Tim. We seen you’re performance as a senior coach you were out on your asse in no time. So I don’t think Brisbane would be taking any so called expert advice off you…

  5. Tim Watson is pathetic listen to his commentary nothing that comes out of his mouth is positive at all especially when he commentates a game against an old rival club like Carlton it’s bad enough to watch Carlton play this year let alone listen to that knob jockey talk shit all game his a joke like Maguire they shouldn’t be near microphone !!! money really does talk and it sounds shit…….

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