Hawks star in trouble with MRP?

Hawthorn midfielder Jordan Lewis could be in trouble with the Match Review Panel after letting his frustrations get the better of him during the Hawks’ loss to West Coast on Friday night.

After tussling with Eagles’ big man Scott Lycett, Lewis punched the ruckman in the face while the pair were in the ground.


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  1. Commetti made a good point……not a huge hit BUT one day someone will retaliate & get weeks. Hawks do this often. Time for the AFL to target the initiators.

  2. The head is meant to be sacrosanct.
    Then again so is hawthorn.
    Lewis will get off. The west coast player will get three weeks for a vicious head butt to Lewis’s hand after he struck Lycett’s shoulder.

  3. They may fine him but he plays for Hawks so it will be very soft they can’t upset the poor little pets…..Bloody Hawthorn hate the cheating pricks !!! and the corrupt AFL..!!!!

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