Former Crows champion names SIX players he thinks should go

Former Adelaide champion Mark Bickley says Adelaide’s list needs an overhaul in order to be serious contenders next year.

Speaking on Adelaide radio station, FiveAA, Bickley named six players he thinks should go in the off-season to help regenerate the Crows’ list.

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The Adelaide premiership player says the Crows should have been more active in last year’s trade period after the departure of Patrick Dangerfield and has called on the club to make some big calls.

Bickley believes Scott Thompson, Jarryd Lyons, Luke Brown, Ricky Henderson, David McKay and Richard Douglas should all be moved on by the club.

Scott Thompson – “If he’s going to be there, he’s not going to be your mainstay in the midfield,” Bickley said of the veteran.

Jarryd Lyons – “I think he’s too similar to too many other players within the team.”

David Mackay – “Has had seven years at the footy club … never really, I don’t think, fulfilled the potential he showed.”

Luke Brown – “This is harsh… whilst he’s a great shutdown player, I feel as if there needs to be more rebound from Adelaide off their back half.”

Ricky Henderson – “I think will be on his way.”

Richard Douglas – “This is hard for me to say… if you’re going to look at getting good players in, you’ve got to actually give something up.”

“Last year they did a tweak … I think they have to go a little bit harder this year,” Bickley said.

“There’s half a dozen players that will give you a new look within your team.”


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    • Michael Minuzzo not getting any brighter are you champ. Tom Hagias I’m not a huge fan of Brown if he is a lock down defender he needs to be able to lock down good crumbling forwards and we have not had the ability to do that at all this season

    • I think old Roo needs to remember you need to actually bring players in before you chuck a whole bunch out. There’s no point discarding decent players just to feel satisfied with how much things have changed. Get a couple good mids locked in and then cull whoever you want!

    • Well I think it was Bickley that named those six. Yeah definitely but I guess those guys and brown in particular are proper trade bait. Not going to get quality for nothing. Maybe send a couple of those to Brisbane for Rockliffe. Get the speed of Hampton and Seedsman into the side. Might go alright. Not like we’re that far off it

    • Browns name shouldn’t be mentioned, was great until injury back half of year…

      Agree with Mackay, thommo, hendo, Douglas had a down year but is getting on, Lyons had a good year but is similar to crouch boys although he kicks goals.

    • All but luke brown and I think thommo has a contract on the table to be signed next week. Really want to see more of milera, knight, wigg and yolman.
      We really need one or two quality midfielders. Not the same speed same players we have already.

    • yep, but to get those guys in, we need to move other players, grigg is a gun too and it’s a shame he can’t get in. To me, the crouch’s, thommo and Lyons are all the same player

    • Wouldn’t necessarily say backwards step if those players are the perceived weak links if u bring milera hampton and menzel in that really addresses the lack of speed and class in the middle and recruit or draft 2 quality mids to add wouldn’t be going backwards… problem with Hampton and Menzel was injuries and coming from bottom teams at the time behind in fitness when they arrived. Thommo needs to retire, hendo didnt play in semi and lyons and brown are ok the rest need to be gone immediately. Won 16 games any other year that’s guaranteed top 4 we will build foundations there… how close are your teams? Realistically

    • Those 3 players you mentioned are reserves players who weren’t seriously pushing the best 22 towards the end of the year. Would be foolish to think they would come in and fix your problems along with first year draft picks. Only way to ascend rapidly is to trade for a grade talent. Realistically speaking port are full on unfilled potential but they have enough a graders in that midfield to challenge any side, very disappointing to say the least. Essendon are unknown, but before this drug stuff took its toll they were 13-2 in 2013, and it all started to crumble. To get a realistic projection for Essendon is impossible there are too many variables.

    • I find that hard to believe 7 players in under 22 squad and 2 made it. 6 players in all Australian squad and 3 who made it… I dont think list is that far off just depends who and how many get better around us

  1. I agree on all except for brownie . Curtly Hampton CEY and Riley Knight need to come in Rory Atkins needs to learn how to use both sides of his body and to stop his turnovers 2.7 goal average on turnovers over a season is not good enough for AFL level players .

  2. I’m calling Bickley out on this one. He’s wrong. The most that needs to be done is to delist the minimum reqd by the league rules, and even then with the caveat that those players will be re-listed next year… The Crows have the personnel & a year’s game time together for the squad… They simply need to tighten the defensive structure (tactics) & Promote some of the younger midfielders for their own development…

    Bringing in more draftees will only put the club back to where it started this season.

  3. So does the bloody eagles more so than the crows they just peaked a game to early the crows pikey shud b commended on his instant inpact on crows performance they will b there again next year as for eagles well im not confident at all and im a supporter but a realistic 1

  4. Scott Brandon not a lot I disagree with here. Browny would be stiff, but when you’ve got Paul Seedsman, Curtly Hampton and Tom Doedee playing twos it would make sense to offer up talent in overloaded positions to bring in players for our needs. Lyons although having a great season is a so so player. Would happily give up having another 16-6 year in 2017 to try and be a real force by 2018

  5. Henderson is a champion if they give him ago. If they can get any pick for Thomo i would let him go as we have youger players who need an opportunity. I believe more players should have had a taste this year Huge Greenwood deserves a go Riley knight, will be great and was missed this year. Menzel needs to go hard next pre season as to Milera. Sam Jacobs needs help he was stuffed come finals and was probably injured. Jenkins also shouldnt have played last week as he was injured and played accordingly. We arent far away wouldn’t mind a few hard nuts like the Bulldogs whom are ferocious at the ball.

  6. If you can do hard calls on coaches (Sanderson) same goes with players..I agree with brown but I really think they should try him in a different position he was a mid when playing for Norwood…

  7. While it’s hard i dont disagree with a lot of that. Most of those have had more than 6-7 years and could work out better at another club e.g. vince! And crows regenerate

  8. I think brown should stay, would love to see douglas and thompson stay but think its time for them to move on and the other 3 need a fresh start (lyons already out the door) think gregg and ottens might also be in the chopping block

  9. I completely agree with Bickley. This is a former champion who loves the club and players as much as anyone else.
    Luke Brown whilst he says is harsh is definitely valid. Attack doesn’t just start from the forwards, it starts from the defensive lines. Curly Hampton yet to play along side the likes of Smith, Laird, Seedsman, Lever and the almost forgotten Jake Kelly. So agree with Brown and Henderson too.
    Jarrod Lyons is a good player but if he wants to then let him go. Crouch brothers, Sloane, Atkins and the likes of Cam Ellis and Mitch Grigg who can’t even get a guernsey. Spot on with Thompson too, absolute champion but getting to slow, too many good players waiting in the wings not to play. Douglas again another great player but I think with guys like Menzel yet to play for the club and the pace of guys like Cameron who gives a spark when needed has to be considered moving on whilst he would still be worth some value. We do have a good list but part of getting just that bit better is getting the best personnel.

  10. Mitch Ivey I reckon Bickley isn’t far from the money. Much has been said about the midfield but the truth is the Crouch brothers and Rory Sloan will become the mains stays and the crouch boys will improve with more games. Both are still very young in the games context and work on the tackles sticking will turn them into A Graders.

    • you know what man, I pretty much 100% agree and what sums it perfectly is what bicks says at the end. if you want to get something good, you’re gonna have to give something up. Luke Brown probably doesn’t need to go, but if we can upgrade..

    • Seems kinddd of harsh to me to get rid of Tommo. I don’t know exactly how it would work but is he like worth anything in a trade sense? Or is it salary cap related? I guess if he stays, would he just be standing in the way of a younger gun coming through, for no real net gain hmm

    • He is 100% correct. We have too many hanging on. We can get someone very decent in the offseason we have cash in the bank from Danger. Thommo needs to go, he’s wasting a spot next year. Jaryd Lyons to GC, Mitch Grigg to Carlton. And get rid of McKay, Douglas, CEY, Lowden. We have too many like for like players on the list. We need another tall defender and another strong in and under mid like Rockliff

    • I think Bickley named them…..I agree given what we have…..too many of the same type of player….if Seedsman, Hampton or Doedee go back…….Brown will be the one to go….interesting to see where they play Laird….he might go back as a lockdown defender…..Hartlett will leave Port…love him coming off half back with Smith……where does Cheney go then?…..Thompson is cooked I’d only keep him if he was cheap….McKay and Douglas need to go….might be trade bait….Lyons I like BUT with Cameron going through the midfield more with Sloane and the Crouch brothers and Atkins….I agree he can be traded…..would be nice to see Menzel stand up which would free Cameron up…..CEY and Milera…..??……I’d be tempted to make JJ the third tall option OR see if Collingwood were interested in him….for Grundy.

    • would love Grundy but no way pies giving him up – thommo been a good player but surely can’t sign him! Douglas, McKay, Henderson and Lyons all can be traded. Need another mid or take some draft picks

    • Yep I’d be looking to turn some of the list who are third in line into draft picks….if they are not going to play Griggs and CEY…..check to see if they have currency……they provide us with depth but that is all…..Riley Knight?

    • I’ve thought for ages that they really need a ruckman in case Jacobs goes down, so if one of them can be used in a trade for that type of player then they’ve got to go for it!
      I reckon Thompson’s got to go, they’ve basically got a ready made replacement in Ellis-Yolmen. Melbourne have been interested so maybe trade for a low end draft pick?
      I also think Douglas and Brown are expendable, but Mackay will stay. What are your thoughts?

    • Agree with the ruck situation, they need to bolster their ruck stocks. Thompson ought to retire I personally think, he’s losing his edge.

      Mackay has probably not quite lived up to his potential, so potential trade or delisting.

      Agree with Douglas, dunno anything about brown so I can’t say!

    • Maybe a Minson or a Lobbe just for that added depth?
      I’ve heard that Thompson’s got a contract in front of him, they’re just waiting on him to sign.
      Mackay is one of those blokes who plays his role, and I reckon he does it well.
      I just reckon the game has passed Douglas now, he’s basically a depth player for the crows with Milera and Menzel gaining more experience.

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