Did this call cost the Giants a spot in the Grand Final?

Greater Western Sydney midfielder Tom Scully should have been awarded a 50 metre in the dying minutes of the Bulldogs’ six point win in the preliminary final on Saturday night, according to member of the AFL’s laws of the game committee, Michael Christian.

Christian says Jason Johannisen should have been penalised for breaching the protected zone around GWS midfielder Tom Scully when he was taking a kick in the middle of the ground with less than two minutes remaining in the game.

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A 50 metre penalty would have put Scully, who was in the centre square, within scoring range.

The decision to not pay a free kick may have cost the Giants a spot in their maiden Grand Final, with the hosts not scoring another point for the match.

Watch the moment at the 20 second mark of the clip and make up your mind:

“There was a free kick earlier this season paid against Kieren Jack against Hawthorn (in Sydney’s five-point loss to the Hawks in Round 17), and the umpires deemed that was a correct decision,” Christian said on RSN radio on Monday morning.

“Well, if that was a correct decision then this should have been paid a 50m penalty.

“Johannisen started probably 10, 11, maybe 12m — difficult to say — from behind the mark but didn’t make any attempt to veer out to get out of that protected zone,” Christian said.

“It actually impeded Scully’s movement because Scully was wanting to roll on to his left boot and (Johannisen) impeded his movement.”

The Bulldogs, who were up by five points at the time, went on to win by six points, to reach their first Grand Final since 1961.


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  1. This has happened a few times this year towards the end of the game. Cost richmond a win against geelong (not that it mattered). Umpires have so much to worry about and get caught up in the game.

  2. Fuck how many free kicks get missed and are payed that aren’t free it’s part of the game now suck it up. Shouldn’t be any free kicks the players are starting to rely on them to much, just play the game. Afl is turning shit because of these free kicks.

  3. Yep. And Lachie Whitfield should have been reported several times. You can also add the numerous sniper tactics from GWS that went unnoticed in the Dogs F50… perhaps let’s call it even (at best) what do you think Paul Pizing

  4. Rubbing salt into the wounds LOL

    Lets be honest Sport in general are dictated by the Top and by Refs/Umps

    U really think the AFL would have wanted an all NSW GF???

    Would have been the lowest attendance in AFL GF history

  5. NO! He could have gone on to miss the shot at goal or the Bulldogs could have goaled from the centre bounce right after. Or the GWS player could have chipped to someone else and Dogs defender spoiled it. So many variables and could haves. Maybe if it was the final 5 seconds of the game yes. More like COULD have, not DID cost them. Picking at nothing really

  6. At the end of the day the better team won.
    The media should stop writting up rubbish like this!
    If you want to win a game run, tackle and commit faster and harder then the other team and make it count on the scoreboard.
    Im a GWS fan and at no time will i blame a umpire for us losing this match.
    Its clear to see who the intelligent people are via the comments and who know the game of AFL.
    Always next season.

  7. considering he played on a 50m penalty would have been a bad call. he marked and played on in the same action so 50/50 call. not to mention they still went forward off his kick

  8. The game has gone no need to write about this anymore it’s not going to change anything, it happens every week in a game and most of them don’t get called, understand it was a final but cmon give it up and write about the 2 teams who are in it..

  9. Cue everyone saying the AFL planned for Sydney to have the grand final together. Derr derr. It’s the AFL. Not VFL anymore. Dickheads.
    GWS got the same as the Suns did. They just recruited well.

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