Picture: Wayne Ludbey. Source: Herald Sun.

North Melbourne midfielder Jack Ziebell says he hopes the North Melbourne faithful will show their class on Saturday night by not booing Adam Goodes.

“I’d hope the North Melbourne fans respect Adam Goodes, he’s a champion of our game and I’d like to think that our supporters have a bit more class than booing one of the champions of the game,” Ziebell said.

The Kangaroos star said that booing was not something that should be part of the game.

“He’s a champion of our game and he’s being booed for no apparent reason so I don’t like to see that in our game,” Ziebell said.

“I think he should be well respected throughout the community, which I think he is, so therefore I don’t see why people should boo him.

“Hopefully the North fans appreciate that he’s a good player, and go about supporting our footy club the way they should support our footy club, being nice and boisterous when we kick goals … no booing hopefully.”

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