With four rounds to go, Ben Pahor looks at every team’s run home and predicts every club’s final ladder position.

1. Fremantle

R20: West Coast (Domain Stadium) W

R21: North Melbourne (Etihad Stadium) W

R22: Melbourne (Domain Stadium) W

R23: Port Adelaide (Adelaide Oval) W

2. West Coast

R20: Fremantle (Domain Stadium) L

R21: Western Bulldogs (Domain Stadium) W

R22: Adelaide (Adelaide Oval) W

R23: St. Kilda (Domain Stadium) W

3. Hawthorn

R20: Geelong (MCG) W

R21: Port Adelaide (Etihad Stadium) W

R22: Brisbane (Aurora Stadium) W

R23: Carlton (MCG) W

4. Western Bulldogs

R20: Melbourne (Etihad Stadium) W

R21: West Coast (Domain Stadium) L

R22: North Melbourne (Etihad Stadium) L

R23: Brisbane (Gabba) W

5. Sydney

R20: Collingwood (SCG) W

R21: GWS (Spotless Stadium) W

R22: St. Kilda (Etihad Stadium) W

R23: Gold Coast (SCG) W

6. North Melbourne

R20: St. Kilda (Blundstone Arena) W

R21: Fremantle (Etihad Stadium) L

R22: Western Bulldogs (North Melbourne) W

R23: Richmond (Etihad Stadium) L

7. Richmond

R20: Gold Coast (MCG) W

R21: Collingwood (MCG) W

R22: Essendon (MCG) W

R23: North Melbourne (Etihad Stadium) W

8. Geelong

R20: Hawthorn (MCG) L

R21: St. Kilda (Etihad Stadium) W

R22: Collingwood (MCG) W

R23: Adelaide (Simonds Stadium) W

9. Adelaide

R20: Essendon (Etihad Stadium) W

R21: Brisbane (Adelaide Oval) W

R22: West Coast (Adelaide Oval) L

R23: Geelong (Simonds Stadium) L

10. GWS

R20: Port Adelaide (Adelaide Oval) W

R21: Sydney (Spotless Stadium) L

R22: Carlton (Spotless Stadium) W

R23: Melbourne (Etihad Stadium) W

11. Collingwood

R20: Sydney (SCG) L

R21: Richmond (MCG) L

R22: Geelong (MCG) L

R23: Essendon (MCG) W

12. Port Adelaide

R20: GWS (Adelaide Oval) L

R21: Hawthorn (Etihad Stadium) L

R22: Gold Coast (Metricon Stadium) W

R23: Fremantle (Adelaide Oval) L

13. St. Kilda

R20: North Melbourne (Blundstone Arena) L

R21: Geelong (Etihad Stadium) L

R22: Sydney (Etihad Stadium) L

R23: West Coast (Domain Stadium) L

14. Melbourne

R20: Western Bulldogs (Etihad Stadium) L

R21: Carlton (MCG) W

R22: Fremantle (Domain Stadium) L

R23: GWS (Etihad Stadium) L

15. Essendon

R20: Adelaide (Etihad Stadium) L

R21: Gold Coast (Metricon Stadium) L

R22: Richmond (MCG) L

R23: Collingwood (MCG) L

16. Gold Coast

R20: Richmond (MCG) L

R21: Essendon (Metricon Stadium) W

R22: Port Adelaide (Metricon Stadium) L

R23: Sydney (SCG) L

17. Carlton

R20: Brisbane (Gabba) L

R21: Melbourne (MCG) L

R22: GWS (Spotless Stadium) L

R23: Hawthorn (MCG) L

18. Brisbane

R20: Carlton (Gabba) W

R21: Adelaide (Adelaide Oval) L

R22: Hawthorn (Aurora Stadium) L

R23: Western Bulldogs (Gabba) L

End of season ladder prediction:

1. Fremantle 20-2

2. Hawthorn 17-5

3. West Coast 16-1-5

4. Sydney 16-6

5. Richmond 15-7

6. Western Bulldogs 14-8

7. Geelong 13-8

8. North Melbourne 13-9


9. GWS 13-9

10. Adelaide 12-9

11. Collingwood 10-12

12. Port Adelaide 9-13

13. Melbourne 7-15

14. St. Kilda 6-16

15. Essendon 5-17

16. Gold Coast 4-1-17

17. Carlton 3-19

18. Brisbane 3-19

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