Western Bulldog Lin Jong was reported on Sunday for this hit on GWS Giant Matthew Buntine.


    • Ducked into it….. By that you mean he’s head was over the ball, he turned his Boyd and hit with his hip…. 2 weeks if they are consistent.

  1. So glad to see his race factors into whether or not people think he’s done the wrong thing…

    For what it’s worth I think he’s pretty unlucky. Was going for the ball. Will probably get a week or two for careless high contact.

  2. Red card needs to be introduced into our game. Low act that deserved Jong in siting out the rest of the game. MRP will sit on this one and I suspect around four games down to three

    • What in the world was he supposed to do!!!!

      Im very angry with the getting hurt = report incidents that are happening in the last few years.

      Dear AFL. The match review panel is ruining football, you cannot prevent accidents. They happen, its a contact sport. You will lose fans. NBA looks pretty tough compared to modern footy.

  3. Can’t see what he can do otherwise here – he’s chasing the ball, not too bad body position, the ball keeps going and Giant comes in off balance and with a bad body position – there’s going to be a collision and that’s neither player’s fault… Jong just turns side-on at last second. If the Giant was paying attention he should have done same. If Jong does what the Giant does, its a collision of skulls; Jong maybe even does the guy a favour.

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