The AFL anti-doping tribunal want Stephen Dank banned from Australian sport for life. Source:

The Herald Sun has obtained leaked transcripts of Stephen Dank’s secret AFL trial.

The hearing took place last Tuesday after months of discussions over Dank’s exact role in the supplements regime.


The transcript, which is 43 pages long, reveals that the AFL Anti-doping Tribunal believe that a life ban from Australian Sport is the appropriate penalty for Dank.

ASADA lawyer Malcolm Holmes said during Tuesday’s hearing that “In terms of multiple offences and multiple serious offences, and over an extended period of time, a lifetime sanction, with respect, is entirely appropriate just on general anti-doping principles.”

This sentiment was reiterated by AFL counsel Renee Enbom.

“In my submission lifetime ineligibility is the appropriate sanction for all the reasons identified by Mr Holmes.

“One matter that stands out for me is Mr Dank’s complete disregard for the health and wellbeing of others.

“It seems from the evidence that he very much put his own success…above the health of individuals,” Enbom said.

The leaked documents obtained by the Herald Sun also reveal text messages between Dank and compound pharmacist Nima Alavi, which reveal discussions regarding the testing of race horse drugs on players.

The Tribunal outlines this as a key reason for wanting to expel the controversial sports scientist from Australian sport for life.