Essendon legend Tim Watson has blasted Port Adelaide president David Koch over his suggestion that the Bombers don’t deserve the No.1 draft pick should they finish last.

Koch said on Sunrise on Wednesday morning that “it does not seem right” for the Bombers to receive the top pick given they have had 12 of their players suspended due to the 2012 supplements saga.

But Watson hit back on SEN Radio this morning, labelling Koch’s comments as “thoughtless”.

“I think it’s opportunistic for somebody in a position like he holds to make a statement like that, even an off the cuff statement like that .. because there is a power associated with people that hold positions like he holds. There should be more thought given to what he says,” Watson said.

“Essendon has been penalised I think sufficiently for something that may or may not have taken place, the probability of the players being given a banned substance is 50-50.

“The fact then that they finish where they do this year is a result of the number of suspended players.

“The rules are what the rules are and Essendon deserves the number one pick if they finish last.

“The AFL have already penalised Essendon back (in) 2013. I don’t know that they need to keep penalising Essendon forever.

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“The club has put its hand up and said it botched a supplement program, they’ve paid the penalty for that, they’re still paying the penalty for that. The AFL have imposed their penalty, which they’ve already served.”

Essendon is currently last on the ladder with one win from the opening 11 games and are $1.30 with TopSport to record the least number of wins this season.


  1. The bombers are only going to benefit from this year in the long term developing young players and picking and choosing from their top ups come seasons end so Koch is not out of line on this one! But with that said they have already been punished so the afl community has to deal with the fact it’s going to happen cause that is the rules!

  2. One of the biggest criticisms levelled at the AFL is the constant rule changes and ‘shifting of the goal posts’ leave the bloody game alone, stop making week to week knee jerk reactions to rules and issues. The club which finishes bottom placed, gets pick 1. No if buts or maybes. That’s the rules. Hands off our game.

  3. I think Essendon have deserved everything they’ve got , as far as the sanctions they’ve had . (For not abiding by wada regulations)
    The option of not getting the draft pick was never on the table(they were fined, and lost positions , by the AFL as punishment for not looking after the team properly )so clearly they should get pick number 1 , if they finish last .

    • Well there you go .
      I’ll still stick by what I’ve said “the draft pick” , meaning this years number 1 draft pick , “was never on the table . Having said that they’ve already been punished with loss of draft picks , as you said , so they shouldn’t lose any more .

  4. It’s an interesting point, same could be said for Freemantle. I like the idea of changing the draft system be taking a placement of teams over last 3 years as it would remove tanking and a one off bad year due to injuries.

  5. Not talking about a priority pick just the first pick for coming last. Can’t change the rules even for drug cheats. Anyway it’ll be a race to the bottom for them, brisbane and Freo.

  6. Bombers are loosing because half their team is suspended so ultimately NO they don’t deserve priority picks….Next year they have a new young group ready to roll and 12 senior players rested for a year ready to rock injury free….thats benefit enough.

  7. the teams not making the 8 should get luck of the draw for draft picks. and if that mean Richmond (9th again) get first pick then at least they didn’t tank to get it

  8. Not a fan of kochie but I agree with him on this. The fact of it is they were found guilty of being drug cheats, they are at the bottom of the ladder because of the penalties imposed not because they are struggling. The only reason they are in the position they are is because they cheated. They should not be entitled to it

    • They have already been punished by the AFL for it.

      2 million dollar fine
      Loss of draft picks for 2 years
      Loss of coach
      Removed from finals.

      Need to draw a line and move on.

      Happy to take #1 pick off us if they give us all of the above back.

    • 2 million dollars? The Essendon footy club could careless about 2 mill!

      The coach was half the problem! Hird was a champ but there’s no way he didn’t know what was going on and wasn’t a part of it.

      They cheated they should have been kicked from the finals and Watsons Brownlow returned.

      2 years with no draft picks? They cheated what draftees would want to go there anyway

    • And the punishments have been done and dusted, so why bother suggesting even more punishments? The AFL weren’t the ones who banned the players so why should they get even more punishment?

      You also forgetting about the penalties applied in 2013 and 2014? They had picks 5 and 6 last season and nobody says a thing, but now they’re in prime position for #1 and they aren’t tanking everyone loses their minds!?

      And as for your draftees statement, Essendon picked up some very good players from the 2015 drafts. Also, Essendon have been playing VFL players. Look at McDonald-Tipungwuti as an example, he started off as a rookie after playing in the VFL and now he’s a cult figure of the club. They’re trying to change and move on, but how can they make a positive culture when negative rival supporters keep shoving crap down their throats?

    • I get where your coming from mate, as for the afl I don’t see how they can be trusted. I didn’t think they did too bad of a job for a while but not now. The official asada/wada report is available on their website and in it at one point they wanted to put certain players/staff that were under the most scrutiny on a polygraph test to gain the truth but it clearly states the afl stepped in and prevented that from happening as the “results would be to damaging”

      Correct me if I’m wrong but the afl saying the results would be damaging implies they already know they are guilty. If they said could be damaging it would imply they don’t know

  9. I’m a Blues fan, for what it’s worth I think the Bombers have been punished enough.
    We’d not be having this conversation if the AFL had adopted a draft lottery….just saying.

  10. It’s not about whether they “deserve” the pick. The AFL chose to impose sanctions on the club to punish them for cheating. So as part of the sanction the wooden spoon draft pick should not be allocated to them. It’s not bloody rocket science. Brisbane should get the pick.

  11. Absolutely not!!!! I agree totally with Kochie, they’re only on the bottom due to players being suspended not because they’re a struggling team, why should they get priority picks when they get all those players back next season!!!!

  12. Koche us 100% correct.
    Essendon are only in the position they’re in because they were punished for CHEATING & DO NOT deserve first pick.
    If anything, they should be getting the last pick of each round in this years draft.
    Giving Essendon first pick rewards them for cheating & penalises every other club.

  13. 100% deserve it.

    We lost draft picks already in 2013 among a shit load of other sanctions for our part.

    If they want to punish us yet again then they can give us all the stuff they took of us back in 2013.

    2 million dollar fine.
    Removed from finals.
    Draft picks we lost

    Etc etc

  14. I don’t like Kochie but yes this is correct. The team
    Is currently being punished for breaking the rules. They should now get any benefit for being cheats!

  15. So much stupidity.

    AFL already punished Essendon with loss of draft picks and no finals in 2013 and 2014. The current suspensions are a WADA punishment, which is not affected by the rules of the AFL. Essendon has suffered enough and anyone who says they deserve more sanctions must be kidding themselves

  16. Fair go people
    The team this year deserve to be treated in their talents not on the clubs history
    Yes the club did the wrong thing
    They are all paying for it by there disqualifying them and Stripping them of any dignity
    How long do the club, players and supporters have to hear this crap
    Let it go for Christ sake
    By the way, I am not an Essendon supporter

  17. If they were that concerned about it why not ban our club for the year, they imposed the sanctions and shouldn’t be knee jerking against us because we aren’t winning games, I’m sure they could of russled up a side of internationals to play over here for a year to replace our spot in the fixture therefore giving new players exposure and not affecting the draft picks, imagine giving sheeds the reigns for that side

  18. David koche is a flog anyhow, no one really cares what he thinks… He’s just jealous cause he lost 2 players through the saga and wants compo for it…. He knew before the trade sorry David no monies for you

  19. Of course not!
    They were punished but then handed concession after concession after concession!
    AFL is spineless and its drug policies are a laughing stock!

  20. The priority or No1 pick should not be given to the bottom team anyway.. They should be placed in a lottery system and the bottom 4 sides should have the chance to pick them up. Why do we always feel the need to reward mediocre performances 😕😕😕

    • Ha ha. Ur a moron. This season is a write off. We were only allowed top up players so it wouldn’t affect the whole competition and AFL revenue🤑🤑. We have had our coach and players suspended for a season, got kicked out of finals, have paid massive fines. We can’t be penalised forever! If u think that’s not punishment ur a little bit special 🙃

  21. Correct me if i am wrong the group playing this year didn’t cheat so when the ones that did cheat come back take it off them then oh thats right the afl already did

  22. There’s no way Essendon should get no.1 draft pick. They were involved in the biggest systematic drug taking program in Australian sporting history & they should get punished for years to come. Dirty rotten pricks can’t even tell their players what was injected into them. They’re a disgrace & thought they were above the law. Keep your mouth shut Timmy – while you’re at it, tell your son to hand back the Brownlow.

    • So what you’re saying is that Essendon should be punished for years even though they’ve already served their penalties?

      That is honestly moronic.

    • Brent Cers, moronic is REWARDING the drug cheats with a number 1 pick. I agree they’ve served they penalties, and as much as I hate essendon, I also hate seeing them struggle as bad as they are, it does nothing for the game. But do they deserve a number 1 pick?? Nope.

  23. What is to say the bombers would not have finished last anyway. Whilst I believe they did the wrong thing but this is a tough call considering.


  24. No they shouldn’t get it . Not that it matters they will be 5 years before they are anywhere near playing finals footy .
    It’s been a great season Essendon are shit and we haven’t had hear about poor old James the club fucker

    • Can’t keep punishing us forever. It’s moronic to suggest otherwise. We’ve already paid $1m odd fine, been booted out of the finals and had heavy restrictions on our draft picks back in 2013. Now 12 of our players are serving suspensions which has decimated the team. It’s still not conclusive that the players even took anything prohibited at all. We still don’t know for sure. So enough is enough. We fucked up, we’ve copped our whack and now it’s time to get on with things. It’s ironic that people want to bend the rules as a means of dealing with those that might have broken them.

  25. He says a lot of stupid things but I am with him on this one. They are punished so are only losing because of that, they are probably a top 8 team with their normal squad and no off field distractions so would be entirely unjust. Brisbane are just plain shit so they need it!

  26. So they got caught cheating… Punished by getting their own players banned… due to that fact they finish last…. Now they want No.1 pick which they wouldn’t of got if all their players were on the park?? LOL that’s funny, a probable 7-15 team that would’ve placed about 12 th wants the BEST player in the draft coz they caught cheating?? NOPE! PISS OFF!!

  27. No way … the whole draft pick is a rort anyway. Next year the get back a Brownlow Medal winner and a number of All Australians plus seasoned players who are rested and have no injury concerns. Why should they be rewarded for cheating. Bring on the draft lottery I say.

  28. Absolutely NOT. Why should they be given anything after the Essendon FC disgraced and jeopardized every player in that team. They were given players to fulfill their side to compete this year and in 2017 they will resume with their full side again. If they finish bottom then so be it. Get over yourself Mr Watson especially seeing your son was one affected. Im so bloody sick of Essendon wanting everything. Drug cheats deserve NOTHING!

  29. David Koch is a ball bag. Like most of the reporters for channel 7. Sunrise is the worst news program in Australia. I’d rather watch the fake news in North Korea.

  30. This problem is a result of punishments for the same offence handed down at different times. If the entire case was heard at the one time with the player suspension, draft exclusion and fines being handed down in the one determination, then Essendon would have been excluded from this years draft therefore rendering this argument mute. This has come about due to very poor decision making by the AFL, Essendon board and James Hird. If Essendon have completed all the sanctions as required, then they are entitled to be treated by the rules. There must be a time when the punishment stops and the world moves on.

  31. Of course they don’t deserve the number one pick They are only (possibly) going to come last BECAUSE THEY CHEATED, and are copping a very light punishment. Back of the line, Essendon, be happy with pick 18.

  32. I’m pissed like Koch. A reward for bein dirty. Unheard of in any sport around the world. If the circumstances are the same for them next year then. YES.

  33. It’s sad, as the club have been through quite enough & need the support of the wider football community to get back to full strength sooner rather than later. Maybe a bit narrow minded! Just my thought.

  34. I feel sorry for the players whom have never tested positive but the club is to blame for this problem so i think that the 1 pick is a no go maybe second round pick for stsrters

  35. They have been punished previously with no draft pics. Come the end of the season they would have served their sentence so yes they will get an early draft pick which won’t be that early as several go to the GWS academy

  36. 😂😂😂 How is this even up for debate. How can you give this cheating club a silver lining? seriously Regardless as unethical as it would be putting a young team on roids for a season give them all an offseason for one year where they would train the house down due to an entire team going injury free for an entire season, then the following season welcome in some of the best young talent going around into the club. It becomes a worthy plan that involves cheating. Sure would initially cost money but fans want to see success and therefore the money would be made back

  37. Of course not!
    They were punished but then handed concession after concession after concession!
    AFL is spineless and its drug policies are a laughing stock!

  38. I agree with koch. Feel sick having to admit that but they wouldn’t have finished last if they had their full team. Make this year’s pick a lottery for number 1. Maybe just a lottery for bottom 6 sides.

    • Never found guilty!!! The biggest load of horse poo in Australia sport! Already been punished with draft picks!
      Justin do us a Favour and get shot while you in the USA

    • Who cares what port got Ryder for? That has no relevance, Essendon chose to make that deal. Just because you’re bitter about it doesn’t make it count. By the way, yes they were found guilty, not originally but overall. No first picks for drug cheats, regardless of your biased opinion.

    • It had everything to do with it Harlen! We had no first and second round pick that year! We had no picks to move around to get any better deals! Port got Ryder for a steal.
      We have already lost picks you morons! We also finished 4th last, last year too, with all those players playing! Who’s to say we wouldn’t have ended up on the bottom any way!

  39. No they don’t. If they finished last due to shit drafting and trading, then maybe.

    This is a different kettle of fish. They’re last because of a supplement program and had players suspended for it.

    Why should they be allowed to gain from that?

  40. It’s a tough call, but I’m sure it’s on a lot of football fans and players minds. The fact is next year they will be an excellent side and is giving them a number one draft pick fair? I’m not sure.

  41. Get on with the game the punishment has been done dick heads You’s all sook about how long this is going on for and now u want to give them more punishments??? Get on with the fucking game
    Back to normal

    Ps im not a bomber fan

  42. Whts the issue . We were fined 2 million kicked out of the draft kicked out of the finals lost our president ,ceo ,assistant coaches players for a year. Suck it up we finish bottom we get 1st pick . And that’s what will happen

  43. no because there squad will be playing next year why should they benafit from a 1 draft pick when you could give it to brisbane lions or a financially struggling club to help build their list fair is fair?

  44. Why is this even an issue. They won’t finish last it’s a race from the east and west. Lions or Dockers, hoping for the lions then we might get a player who might stay.

  45. Piss off Koch you bald headed lizard! We are getting number 1 draft pick weather you like it or not so suck a fat one! Piss off back to your sunrise show and go away from footy! Your crap team shouldn’t even be in the AFL!!!! Flog!

    • Koch is a dickhead. You don’t hear from him when everything is going right for his team. The second his team struggles he just opens his mouth and starts dribbling shit. Essendon copped their fine and a ban from the 2014 draft, time to move on

  46. Maybe when the AFL gave us a two year draft penalty one could’ve been suspended. And said ‘OK…take one draft penalty now and if found guilty you get another year later on. Having said that you can’t keep punishing the club. Penalties have been handed down…lets just move on.

  47. Kochie trying so hard to deflect attention away from the fact that he talked up a club three years ago, that has done fuck all since.

    You’re irrelevant Kochie. And so is your club.

  48. Of course they deserve it! Carlton got multiple number 1 pick’s whilst tanking and these blokes have their backs against the wall and are giving it a real crack every week! Why wouldn’t they deserve it?

  49. Cheats shouldn’t be rewarded with pick 1. Pick 1 should go to the team with the worst list not a list that isn’t allowed to play due to CHEATING!

  50. Awesome lets cheat to get an advantage, get caught lose our players to then finish last and get an advantage. If this happens then the AFL really has become F%*@!d.

  51. No they shouldn’t. If they finish last, they’d have finished last for a reason. They were punished for testing positive to a banned substance and finishing last fits that punishment. They should NEVER be rewarded for it

  52. How many time can you be punished for the same thing its a new start .if they Finnish last they get first pick .I don’t think they will be on the bottom

  53. Absolutely not. They should not be rewarded for being drug cheats. They are going to have an influx of good players next year including a best and fairest club winner and a Brownlow medalist.

  54. At the end of the day kochie is looking out for his football club and timmy watson is looking iut for his drug cheating sons best interest. ..i believe they have been helped enough already…i was against them getting top up players…do the crime do the time…players got suspended so play with what you have left

  55. I’m a massive fan of david koch but i disagree with him with this drugs or no drugs whoever finishes bottom deserves the #1 draft pick that’s the way it’s always worked and they won’t change it or they shouldn’t change it

    • The reason they have finished on the bottom is because they were found guilty of cheating and lost the majority of the team for the year. Most of this years players won’t get a gig next year when they welcome back their players. They aren’t truly a bottom side in need of number 1 draught picks.

    • What a million dollar fine, kicked out of the finals plus loss of draft picks and players suspended for a year not enough for you. How about they give up their first born too

    • $2 million fine , coach out for the year ,12 players out the following year removed out of 2013 finals, removed out of 2014 draft, numerous players offered an exit clause talk about the longest punishment in sport. The nrl team that was banned for same thing got a lot less. Can see this saga going on in 15 years time.

  56. I don’t think Koshi has ever got much right about the AFL apart from his own team, Goodes was only booed because he stood up for indigenous rights in his opinion and now Essendon shouldn’t get the no 1 pick if they finish bottom , again no proof has been found and you can’t just keep penalising them, seriously , just worry about your own club and see if you can go a season with out using your tarps

  57. They shouldn’t get the #1 pick. They should’ve been disqualified from being able to take part in the next draft. Not to mention……Watson is a total flog 💩💩🙈🙈

  58. The thing that gets me is that Fremantle finish on top one year then decline the next in a huge way. Do they deserve an early draft pick? Because Ross Lyon is deliberately stuffing around with their game style to change the playing culture.
    But no one mentioned that!!

    • I think you will find he stood back and let his assistants try and develop a more attacking game plan. You might want to have a look at the injury list as well.

    • He is knowingly adopting a game plan where they are out of their depth. Which means he he is not doing everything he can to win, that in my opinion is tanking.
      His injury list is not great but there are other clubs hit as hard that are managing.

  59. I’m loving all this anguish from all the haters
    You can’t stand it can you that’s the rules until they change it we finish last we get the number one pick and there’s nothing you can do about so suck it up you’ve all been having your fun bagging us now it’s the old saying
    He who laughs last laughs the loudest Ha Ha Ha !

  60. Tim you have lot to say about other clubs they have to grin and bear some of your comments I suggest you suck it up because everyone has a right of opinion even if it doesn’t agree with yours.

  61. Dont give them any picks like you did to us (Carlton). All we did was a monetary issue. This is a drug issue. Send the message on drugs in sport so clubs make sure they do the right thing. David Koch is a jerk and should stick to the morning news

  62. Kochi is right so next year they will bring back in 10-12 suspended players keep their choice of the top up ones and get the top pick all cause the club cheated? Bizarre thinking Watson 😡

  63. the BOMBERS do not deserve the ridiculous bans enforced on them ,when it is blatentently obvious every club is r has been on actual drugs [not natural supplements],,,,please explain the winners and losers this season ,freo have really lived up to being the shit fish ,maybe something lacking in their diet ,helps bring other lowly clubs like melbourne and hey carlton back to competitive teams

  64. At the end rules are rules and the rules state they have to finish last to get the draft pick. Habing said thay o don’t believe that they should get it. The have been punished to a large extent but having said that you gave a punishment that was always going to lead to a first round draft pick. That was stupid as now they get a first round draft pick plus they can pick and choose which high class top up players they wish to keep. So in turn yes they have been punished but they have been given a plus with the minuses and thats not a proper punishment. having said that i am actually a fan of the lottery idea so even more reason i disagree they should get it. But at the end of the day kosh is an idiot and the rules are the rules. He has abused heaps in terms of clubs should have to put up and shut up about the rules. Well David Cock…. time for you to put up and shut up

  65. Brisbane are pushing for a Priority pick if they win less than 4 games??? 3 premierships obviously weren’t enough for them ??? Give me a spell, Essendon will have paid their dues so if they’re last of course they deserve it.
    Pies Fan.

  66. I’m a Tiger supporter and all I have to say is “Who the fuck is David Koch” he’s only the president of a club of ferals. Tell him to piss off.

  67. The whole saga has been nothing but a huge problem and embarrassment not just for Essendon but the AFL and ASADA. No-one has come out of this with any credit and too many mistakes have been made across the board.

    Correct me if I am wrong but Essendon were banned from the Finals in 2013 and lost their draft picks for the next year or was it two. The players who took part in the ill conceived programme have been given their bans and are serving them. Hird served his ban. There have also been fines and officials either dismissed or resigned.

    However, I still haven’t read anything that clearly states that banned substances were administered and proven to be administered.

    With hindsight, the draft pick bans could have been administered differently but it begs the question just how much should an organisation be punished? How much longer is this to go on? I am sure that murderers get treated better after they have served their punishment.

  68. Great to see that Timmy is still in denial …”may or may not have happened….”…”50-50″….

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