Hawthorn skipper James Sicily and Tiger Rhyan Mansell are both facing three or more weeks on the sidelines after being sent directly to the Tribunal following crude hits ahead of Sunday.

During the Hawks' shock win over Brisbane at the MCG, Sicily collided with Lion Hugh McCluggage, forcing the former top 10 pick from the ground after play was called to a halt.

Sicily's attack was graded as careless conduct making high contact with a severe impact by the Match Review Officer Michael Christian.

The 28-year-old had only just returned to action after being rubbed out for a week after being served a rough conduct charge following a tangle with St Kilda forward Anthony Caminiti.

Over in the West, Mansell was struck with the same grade of charge after opting to bump Docker James Aish, leaving the former Lion and Pie with concussion.

The news was better for fellow Tiger Liam Baker who escaped his return home to the West with a $3000 fine after being cited for striking Dockers defender Luke Ryan during the opening term of Richmond's season-steadying win.

Baker's strike was seen as intentional, however with only low impact to the body, Christian's matrix saw fit to fine rather than suspend.

The 25-year-old's financial sanction can be worked back to $2000 should he enter an early guilty plea.