The Age’s embarrasing Western Bulldogs stuff up

The Age has printed an advertisement this morning in their newspaper, congratulating the Western Bulldogs on their season.

However, the ad, promoting Victoria University as a proud partner of the club, read, “in spite of the disappointment of the Grand Final loss, the Bulldogs showed incredible heart and sportsmanship until the final siren, led by skipper and VU student, Easton Wood”.

Victoria University will be asking for a refund we would think...

The newspaper has since apologised for the embarrassing mistake, releasing the following statement on their website:

“We acknowledge a mistake made in today’s paper regarding Victoria University and the Western Bulldogs. An advertisement was run congratulating the Western Bulldogs on an outstanding 2016 season, instead of one celebrating their Grand Final victory. This was the result of a breakdown in our ad system. We apologise to both Vic Uni and the Western Bulldogs.”